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Godly OG 2009 acc with milton Rares tons of Rares since 2009 With active memmber and extra bonus package to unlock 6-7-9-12 upholders + open nostalgia

Acs : 4822
bag space : 115 bank space : 25

classes : Artifact hunter -Blade master - Evolved pumpkin Lord - Naval commander - light caster - - Classic exalted souler -Arch paladin - Prismatic clawsuit - Blaze binder - Mind breaker -Alpha doomage- Death knight - Doomknight - Royal battlemage - Undead slayer - Blood sorcess ------- Much more

Armors : Brilliant Naval commander - Paladian Naval commander -Void naval commander -Doom shileded centrurion (Limited Rare Rarity - Golden Royal knight ( Limited Rare Rarity) -Crismon Night and shield (Rare Rarity) Doomknight naval commander -Celestial avenger (Rare Rarity) - Artix Golden paladin (Collector Rare Rarity) - Blessing of aranx (Rare Rarity) - Bluddron and shield (Rare Rarity)- Draconic doom knight (Rare Rarity) - Dragon of light (Rare Rarity) - Grand inquistor (weird Rarity)
Bright scythe (Rare Rarity) -Infernal Warrior (Rare Rarity) - Robbed Evolved legion vempire (Rare Rarity) - Sapphire Night and shield (Rare Rarity) - Shdow legion Vempire (Rare Rarity) - Shdow Soulweaver (Rare Rarity) - Time dragon warrior (Rare Rarity) - Ultimate dragon slayer (collector rare rarity) - Black caty (import Rarity) - Bright fall commander (Rare Rarity) - Chaos Conqueror (Rare Rarity) - Crismon knight (Rare Rarity) - Cyber dryad (Rare Rarity) - Cyber warrior (Rare Rarity) - Dark Dragon master (Rare Rarity) - Dark noble garb (Rare Rarity)
Dawn Archmage (Rare Rarity) - Deadly wolf hound warrior (Rare Rarity) - Death stalker (Rare) - Dragon champion (Rare Rarity) - Dragon knight (Rare Rarity) - Dragon Salvation (Rare Rarity) - Dread leopord rider (Rare Rarity) (Limited Rare Rarity) - Fallen fire mage (Rare Rarity) - Glacial Lord ( Rare Rarity) - Hero of sponsors (Rare Rarity) - Incarnation of Madness ( Rare Rarity) - Inferno dragon warroir ( Rare Rarity) - Kezeroth ( Seasonal rares ) - Luck's champion (Rare Rarity) -Midnight Archmage ( Rare Rarity) -Legion nightmare - Lotus armor - Prismatic Maugd Slayer (Rare Rarity ) - shadowfall commander (Rare Rarity) Shadow fall commander (Rare Rarity) - Steampunk valentine (Rare rarity) - Tittan Atendant ( Rare Rarity) - Ultimate dark caster - Warlock Adept (Rare Rarity) ------- Much more 😱

swords : Dragon flight reach ( Rare Rarity) original Caladbolg - infernal caladbolg - Brilliant star sword - Classic oaragon star sword - classic mechanical star sword - classic doomknight star sword - Guilded draconic blade ( Rare Rarity) - AQ3D tech demo star sword - Paladian star sword - Royal retribution of fall (Rare rarity) - Transcendent Blade of tercessuinolim - Artix golden paladin axe (Collector Rarity) - Blinding light of destiny - Blinding light of dread space - Dual unarmed - Golden knoght hammer (Limted Rarity) - Ultimate slayer spear (Collector Rarity) - Arkiloth oblivion blade (Rare Rarity) - Bresker blade of glory ( Collector Rarity)- Omknight blade 2014 --------- Alot and alot more

cape : Lycan eternal flames - Vampire bats - cape of awe - legion oriest shroud (Rare rarity) - Backer breseker (Collector Rarity ) - Dragon knight wong morph (Collector Rarity ) - Dread Gryphon Wings (limited Rarity) - Golden royal knight wrape (Limited Rarity) - Grim cutlass blackblades ( Limtid time drop Rarity ) - Scream Nevermore ( Limited Rare Rarity ) - Ultimate slayer wrap ( Collector Rarity)

pets : Shogun paragon pet - Dark moglin jester (Rare Rarity) - Doom zorbak bank pet - Nukgath larvae - Platinum trobe (Artifact Rairty) - Sword of nulgath - Frostival fiend ( Limited Rare Rarity) - Eternal baby dragon - Dark dragon minion - Shadow dragon pet (Rare Rarity) ----- tons more

Impossible rarity -Collector-legend rarity-Awesome Rarity - Seasonal Rares -weird rares Rare rarities milton rares tons of rares you have to obtain more than 50 wlodas to obtain them Godly acc all you need
what you waiting for

Both Email and artix changable

price: 200$ via paypal (negotiable for serius buyers only )
( No low balls accepted)

feel free to ask me anything
email : a.qtr0987@gmail.com


ido accept middman remmember you pay the fee

(Send to someone you trust )

pics :

Armors : https://imgur.com/a/MHmIUFa


swords : https://imgur.com/a/qPlp9Dr

pets : https://imgur.com/a/5pWdVaQ

capes : https://imgur.com/a/bhuVN2W

charpage and buypack : https://imgur.com/a/XannMIQ

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