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[WTS] OG Rares 2010 acc - OboN - Abbysal angel -Chunin - dragon shinobi - Icy blood letters

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Aqw lvl 90 acc from 2010 with tons of OG rares bank stacked with calender class - open nostalgia
5th upholder

bag space : 70 bank space : 30
Acs : 785 TP : 36

Classes : Abbysal Angel Shadows - Dragon shinobi - Chunin - Blade master - Northland monk - - immortal chronomancer - Legion revennent - Void high lord - Light caster - Alpha dooMmega - Shaman - Stone crusher ------much more amazing classes

Armors : Undead Legion Naval commander - Galatic naval commander - Abbysal priest of Nulgath - Black leapard skinwalker (Rare Rarity) - Doctor what (Rare Rarity) - Doom holida paragon plate - Frost Legion nightmare (Rare Rarity) - Jouster - Legion dread maren (Rare Rarity) - Legion proto pragon X1 (Rare Rarity) - Luck champion (Rare Rarity) - Snow leapord skin walker (Rare Rarity) ---------- And much more

Swords : Oblivion Blade of nulgath - Icy blood letters - Draconic Caladbolg- Chrono Star Sword - Formal light of destiny - Dual crystal phoenix blade - Ungodly Reavers og Nulgath - Dual burnning blade of azebeth - Chrono star sword - Deep Galatic star sword - Shinning lava star sword ----- tons more

pets : Doom twilly Bank pet - Doom zorbak bank pet - Nulgath Larvae - Guardian crystal phoenix blade - Battle Wyvem - Unlucky exploding kitten

Buy pack has tons of Rares aswell

All data changable

price : 80$ via paypal
Feel free to ask me anything
email: a.qtr0987@gmail.com

ido accept middman remmember you pay the fee

Pics :



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