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(Verified Memmber)
aqw lvl 100 Godly acc you dont have to farm any more complete high end account with more than 63 classes and more than 43 places Rank 10 even included the new class dragon of time
12th upholder + vip badge

Active memmber till 2021 may
Bag space : 73 bank space :10
TP : 209 Acs : 546

Classes : Dragon of time - Void high lord - Legion revennent - Yami no Ronnin - Legendary naval commancer - Legendary Archfiend - Blaze binder - Cyromancer - pyromancer - Dark ultra omknight - Arch paladin - Legion doom knight - Lord of order - Light caster - Light mage - Vampire Lord - Sword master -Horc - Troll ------more and more goes up to 63 classes

Armors : Evolved Hex of nulgath - Evolved shadow of nulgath - Armor of awe full set - Emo shocker - Abbysal Darkness - Void cowboy - Void spartan - void destroyer - void overlord - Void paladin - Void shogun - Void Warlock - Arch fiend Doom lord - Void skin walker - Void skin walker fiend - Original drakath armor------and so much more any hardcore you desire

Sword : Necrotic sword of doom (50% damage)- burnning blade of Azebeth (30% damage) - Alteon Star sword - Fiendish Caladbolg - Blinding cladbolg - Dual blindimg caldbolg - Crystal phoenix - Blinding light of destiny

pets : Shogun - Crag and bambolzie - Vorpal bunny pet - Evolved hex orb - Drudgen the assistant - Bounty hunter drone pet - Sword of nulgath --------
Complete pets for everything

immposible rares - weird rares - almost all hardcores - complete account
what you waiting for

Very OP account Bank is more than 30+ pages
Please read carefully and check pictures

All data changable And no artix assocciated in account you can link to your email

price : 120$ via paypal so cheap considering what it have

Feel free to ask me anything


ido accept middman remmember you pay the fee

pics :





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