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Welcome to my humble RP gifting service! At the moment I am only servicing the NA and OCE region.
My pricing is 55% off of the store's prices and it is non-negotiable.
At my gifting service, I take every necessary precaution possible to ensure your accounts safety.
I have my own private methods on how to securely gift virtually unlimited amounts of RP so rest assured our transaction will go smoothly.
A 24-hour warranty is provided after you receive the gift and if there are any issues within that time frame, a replacement will be promptly provided.

The buying process is simple and as follows:
1. Add me on IM and inquire on the skins/loot/etc you'd like to buy from the store.
2. Send payment
3. I will add you on the account
4. After the mandatory 24-hour time frame as passed, I will promptly gift you your purchased merchandise.

Payment Methods Accepted
*Due to the nature of RP selling, Paypal will not be accepted under any circumstances because of how easy it is for buyers to reverse the transaction

I am currently giving away two 1350 RP vouch copies to eligible members. If you do not quality do not ask.

Add me on IM to buy now! The first 10 customers get an additional 5% off!

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