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[WTS] [NA] Diamond III TFT | Spirit Blossom Skins / Event | 4545 RP | 21K BE | CHEAP!!!

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I'm looking to sell a one-of-a kind starter account. It is unranked in summoners rift, has a good amount of popular champions, has completed the spirit blossom event (Spirit Bonds Storyline), and even comes with 4545 RP as well as 21,000 BE for your own use. It is currently Diamond III in TFT and has very high MMR (50-60LP for first place) as I rarely ever lost. The reason I'm selling the account is because I was originally going to use it as a smurf but I'm too busy to commit to the account.

Account Feature Summary
Diamond III 70 LP TFT
Unranked Placements Summoner's Rift
4545 RP
21,000 BE

800 Spirit Tokens
Spirit Blossom Event Pass
TFT Pass (Completed) (All booms, arena-skins unlocked)
15 Little Legends (A few epics) (Images in album)
All Set 1 Spirit Blossom Skins (Thresh, Teemo, Vayne, Lillia, Yasuo) w/ Icon and Border
4 Spirit Blossom Skin Chromas and with the tokens you can buy two-three more
Many popular champions (Pictures shown in album)
24 Skins (Pictures shown in album)
4 Epic Skin Shards & 2 Gemstones
Every spirit blossom summoner icon
8 Ward Skins
64 Day EXP Boost
FULL-Account Access (Email change, recovery email information)

Picture Album (Imgur)

I'm letting it go for very cheap. The account is priced at $150 and is firm and non-negotiable.

Payment Methods Accepted
*Due to the nature of account selling, Paypal will not be accepted under any circumstances because of how easy it is for buyers to reverse the transaction

Add me on IM to buy now!

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