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[WTS] aqw MEMMBER Acc with 4 character name tons of harcore items including SDKA -NSOD-6kac

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aqw high end account lvl 100 with active memmber ship with more than 30+ with tons of hardcore item farming with nsod and many nulgath items with caladbolg and void light of destiny with own clan and and 6k acs left check pics for all cool items with 4 character name legendary account with farming pets paragon pet-evolved shadow orb ,Crag and bambolzie n more

price 130$ (negotiable)

classes including
Abysal angel-vhl-LR-Timeless dark caster -Ssot-immortal chrono-immortal dark caster-enchanted vempire lord-inifnite legion dark caster-LR-Blaze binder-AR
with 85% doom items

full armor awe set
void spartan
dark void monk (nulgath seasonal item)
nulgath birthday pet
nulgath prize quest
dual spear of nulgath
doom naval (legendary rarity)
doom souleaster warrior (legendary rarity)
evolved shadow of nulgath (Epic rarity)
Mad weaponsmith armor (Artifact raity)
void warlock (awesome rarity)
arch doomnight (epic rarity)
Dgog's sea serpent armor hard core farm item
evolved hex of nulgath (epic rarity)
evolved blood of nulgath (epic rarity)
Digital archfiend set
many more hard core famed items check the pics plz for more

bank and buy pack/https://imgur.com/a/gXu4vlh


notes:please check (everything very well then contact me there many hardcore items ididnt mention)
dont chat me until you serius
and if you scammer dont waste ur time

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