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Welcome to my League of Legends Smurf Shop,

Some of the features of my accounts are:
  • Level 30
  • Original Email - uncreated email box that you can create and get access to
  • Unranked - Completely fresh MMR
  • 20k+ Blue Essence
  • Multiple champion capsules - possible extra 20-25k blue essence
  • Lifetime warranty (for level botting bans)

Sample account:


I only sell accounts that have been aged for a period of 30 or more days to completely eliminate any chance of a botting ban.
I never dischent the loot on the accounts so that the potential buyer can check if any of the champions are of his interest and get them for a cheaper price and that way save Blue Essence.

Payments methods: PayPal (upgraded members only) and Bitcoin

Contact Information
Add me on IM to purchase

Terms of Service:

1. I only accept PayPal from upgraded members. All others Bitcoin only.
2. I will not go first to anyone. We can use a middleman at your cost.
3. I don't provide any type of refunds. The warranty will grant you a replacement.
4. I hold the right to refuse selling to you at any time.
5. I hold the right to change this ToS at any time.

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