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[WTS] 11 year old beta account and 10.5 year old high end account

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Hello everyone,

I am selling two AQW accounts. One account is 11+ years old and has Beta Berserker, OG Star Sword, OG Naval Commander, Leprechaun class, Twilly Bank Pet, and a few other rares, alongside 3,163 ACS.

Another account is 10.5 years old (11 years old at the end of October). It has a lot of AC rares and all end-gear items (i.e. NSOD, AFDL, LR, VHL).

I have provided screenshots of badges, items, inventory slots, bank items, and in game pictures of proof. I have complete access to both accounts (email, password, everything).

Willing to sell these accounts at reasonable prices (Im very fair). Ive done transactions in other areas/games before, but never specifically for this game or on this forum.

We will use MPGH IM for communication.

Link to pictures of accounts: https://imgur.com/a/iEj7ORg

Account 1 (Level 100, Beta + 11 years + Guardian)
10 Bank Slots
70 Inventory Slots
3163 ACS
1st + 5th Upholder
Star Sword Breaker
Multiple Boosts
OG Star Sword
Beta Berserker, Guardian, Vampire Lord
Doom Twilly Bank Pet
Warpforce Black Beam Sword in buy back

Account 2 - Level 100, End Game (10.5 years old)
-Has all end game rares (see pics)
-Nulgath Birthday Pet
-Platinum Axe of Destiny (extremely rare)
-90 Inventory Slots, 65 Bank Slots
-A bunch of items in the bank
-Will turn 11 years old in early October
-1st + 11th Upholder

Add me on IM

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