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[WTS] Selling [NA] league account w/ All Prestige Skins! 406 skins,multiple skin borders!

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Account has 406 skins. 25 mythic,5 ultimate,50 legendary,187 epic, 103 legacy skins,141 champions owned
115 emotes,231 icons,115 chromas

Price : $400 USD
(price isn't absolute)

Noticeable skins:

Prestige True Damage Senna
Prestige Mecha Kingdoms Garen
Prestige Star Guardian Neeko
Prestige K/DA Kaisa
Prestige K/DA Akali
Prestige K/DA Ahri
Prestige K/DA Evelynn
Prestige Fur Fizz
Prestige Pulsefire Thresh
Prestige Bloodmoon Aatrox
Prestige Nightbringer Lee sin
Prestige Battle Academia Lux
Prestige Arcade Caityln
Prestige Valiant Sword Riven
Prestige True Damage Qiyana
Prestige Project: Irelia
Prestige Firecracker Vayne
Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune
Hextech Swain
Hextech Annie
Hextech Darius
Hextech Poppy
Hextech Alistar
Dawnbringer Karma
Annie-Versary Annie

Skin Borders Owned:
Mecha Kingdoms Sett
Mecha Kingdoms Jax
Dawnbringer&Night Bringer Soraka
Dawnbringer Karma
True Damage Ekko
True Damage Senna
True Damage Yasuo
Bewitching Miss Fortune
Count Kassadin
Count Kledula
High Noon Darius
High Noon Ashe
Championship Ryze
Star Guardian Xayah
Star Guardian Rakan
Star Guardian Neeko
Star Guardian Zoe
Project : Jinx
Project : Warwick
Project : Pyke
Project : Akali
Arcade : Qiyana
Arcade : Kaisa
Battle Boss : Yasuo
Elderwood Nocturne
Odyssey Ziggs
Odyssey Yasuo
Odyssey Kayn
Demacia Vice Lucian
Demacia Vice Garen
Dark Cosmic Jhin
Enduring Sword Talon
Battle Principle Yuumi
Battle Professor Graves
Battle Academia Ezreal
Battle Academia Lux
Battle Academia Katarina
Battle Academia Jayce
Galaxy Slayer Zed
Lunar Wraith Sylas
Ice King Twitch
Snowman Yi
Frozen Prince Mundo
Winter Wonder Neeko
Winter Wonder Soraka

I only accept BTC.
Buyer pays middleman fee.
contact me for more details and information concerning the account you'd like to know.
interested in serious buyers only!

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