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[WTS] 🔥5,5� ~ 7,5�// CHEAP EUNE SMURF ACCS [40K-63K BE]🔥

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Hi there!

I would like to offer EUNE smurf accounts! These are high quality botted smurfs that are perfect for your new years elo grind!
I am offering 3 types of accounts:
  • TYPE 1 Lvl 30+ / 40000 - 45000 BE / + Random Loot /// 5,5€
  • TYPE 2 Lvl 30+ / 50000 - 53000 BE / + Random Loot /// 6,5€
  • TYPE 3 Lvl 30+ / 60000 - 63000 BE / + Random Loot /// 7,5€

With the purchase you get:
  • Account Level: 30+
  • Rank: Unranked (account has never played ranked games and MMR is as fresh as your new year's resolutions )
  • Server: EUNE
  • Email: Unverified (you will change email to yours)
  • Blue Essence: 40000 - 63000 BE (depends on the type you that u'll choose)
  • Loot: Chance of a random loot
  • Honor level: 2
  • With the purchase i provide 2 weeks of botting ban warranty.

Examples of accounts.

My reffs from other forums.

I accept PAYPAL as payment method.

Contact me on IM here.

If you decide to get yourself smurf, or have any questions contact me in comment secion or on IM.
Also don't hesitate to ask me for any possible EUW/NA smurf accounts !

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