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[WTS] Selling an 11 year old account with a few rares

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The account includes the following rares:
Classes -

Dark Caster (rank 10) (rare)

Infinity Knight(rank 10) (Rare)

Cardclasher (rank 10) (rare)

Darkside (rank 10) (rare)

Warrior (rare) (rank 10)

Classic alpha pirate (rank 10)

Armours -

Paragon plate (rare)

Rotting naval commander (rare)

Icy Naval Commander (rare)

Dark caster (rare)

Legacy of nulgath (rare)

Arctic dragon slayer (rare)

Void of nulgath (rare)

Fears armour (rare)

Aura vis armour (rare)

Capes -

Archfiend cloak of nulgath (rare)

Golden eternal flame (rare)

guardian shadow (rare)

Pets -

paragon pet (rare)

Oblivion blade of nulgath (rare)

Oblivion wrath blade of nulgath (rare)

Primal orb (rare)

Coin of nulgath 2500 (rare)


Fears head (rare)

Paragon helm (rare)

Legacy of nulgath hood (rare)

Aura vis helm (rare)

Ranger hat (rare)

weapons -

Dual champion blades of nulgath (rare)

Dual shadow spear of nulgath (rare)

shadow spear of nulgath (rare)

Oblivion blade of nulgath (rare)

Balrog blade (rare)

Beta tester star sword (rare)

House/House items -

House of cards

Other Features:

A membership that runs out in February 2020
Access to the rare beta tester shop
Has the first First, Second, Third, fourth and 11th upholders
I own both the artix account and the email to the said artix account. I also own the email to the aqw account (all of which will be given to the buyer !!)

For the payment method I dont trade in bitcoin or artix points so please no offers in those currencies I use paypal. click this to add me on IM For more information Id prefer to be emailed at email me at uttertripemylove@gmail.com but I dont mind being in contact on here its just im not always online so there can be some delay and I do apologise in advance ! The price of the account is $150

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