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Hello, so recently i opened my Market Place.

I think my prices are reasonable cheap.
And u don't need to overpay for gifts.

My Rules:
I Don't use any cracked accounts. Only Botted
Max 10 Gifts.
24 hours of wait, i can do instant gifting but now thats bannable so we have to wait every 24 hours

My Shop

30 Any Orbs = 10 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 9,50 Euro (WIth VIP Rank)

10 Any Orbs = 8,69 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 7,50 Euro (WIth VIP Rank)

10 Masterwork Chests + 13 Prestige Points = 7 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 6,50 Euro (With VIP Rank)

10 Hextech Chests & Keys + Bonus Set = 6 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 5,50 Euro (With VIP Rank)

11 TFT Eggs = 9 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 8 Euro (With VIP Rank)

If you buy more than 35+ Euro, u will recieve VIP Rank, and have less prices, and a special offers for vip's only exclusive!

If your friend buys something for 15+ Euro u will recieve 1 sets of masterwork chests

Add me here to talk!

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