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I'm selling a fully AUTOPILOT Skin and Token method for League of Legends

Price: $10

This method will allow you to get the following while completely AFK:

Pass Tokens
Prestige Points
Pass Exclusive Prestige Skins
Exclusive Chromas
Loot Orbs


Q: What do you get when purchasing this method?

A: Purchasing comes with lifetime support and updates as well as an easy to understand guide for setup.

Q: Does this involve any blackhat/greyhat/illegal activity?

A: Method is fully legal and whitehat. You do not have to interact with anyone.

Q: Does this work on every region?

A: This method works on every region.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: I'm acccepting Paypal, BTC, ETH, and LTC. If you want to use another payment method contact me.

Q: Will this get my account banned?

A: We have been using this method for 5 months now on our main accounts with no risk of ban. Method is fully undetectable

Q: How much work is required to setup the method?

A: Setup is very easy and takes around 5 minutes if there are no problems. After setup it becomes fully autopilot.

Q: How many tokens can i get from this?

A: As of 10/16/2019 you can receive up to 19,000 tokens or 90 worlds orbs until the end of the event ($200+ value)


No leaking
No reselling
No chargebacks
Refunds are eligible under certain circumstances
You are entitled to a refund within 10 days of purchase if method is patched

If you want to purchase or have questions

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