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[WTS] Lvl 75/Calendar classes/rares/nulgath items/9 years old

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I have a lvl 75 with 3 calendar classes each able to deal hundreds of thousands or millions of dmg:
Shadow stalker of time
Eternal chronomancer
And Corrupted chronomancer

I have paladin highlord class from the artix action figure, also
I have a lot of rares/nulgath items as well as limited quantity/time items like paragon of light armor, apocalyptic dragon lord, and void overlord armors. bank has a load of items as well. 61 inventory spaces.

the account is 9 years old, so I have dual wielded versions of weapons such as; crystal phoenix blades, balors cruelty, soul reapers of nulgath, and ddogs sea serpent swords. ill also in clude a dragon fable acc with a dragon amulet for free
price is negotiable. Add me on IM or jdkillakills@gmail.com

proof: https://gyazo.com/e528bd7d8b308561f3b67aee4361b9b3






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