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  1. I wish to sell my league account as I no longer use it and it would be a waster for all the skins I bought to go to waste. Send me a request through Snapchat 'SC: wacta' and I will respond as soon as I see it. I have all the champs except for the three you see in the champs.png pic. I am looking for at minimum $250 but i'm willing to negotiate. Attached Images h1h 1.PNG [Download and Thanks] (1.30 MB) champs.PNG [Download and Thanks] (917.4 KB) View the full article
  2. Hello MPGH community! Im just getting started with my eggs service , i can give vouch to 2 known members to validate my business! Pricing will come after i give 2 vouches! If you are interested and want to stay updated on the post just type "Interested" and i will make sure to send you a message once my service is trusted! Cheers! View the full article
  3. Price: 6 euro (bitcoin preferable, but I also accept paypal f&f), negotiable i've got also 2nd account to sell, if you buy two at once i'll get you a discount Add me on IM! View the full article
  4. Price: 5 euro (bitcoin preferable, but I also accept paypal f&f), negotiable Add me on IM! View the full article
  5. Price : $100 (negotiable) Paypal payment method screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/bpQGZ6R Add me on IM email : Firedotae@gmail.com Inventory Equipment Albino Vampire Bats BladeMaster Cape Chaos Portal Cape Chaos Reaper Wingblades Hollowborn Trainer's Companion Bank Shadow Fire Flames Unidentified 26 Vampire Bats Arcane Dark Caster Skull BladeMaster Horns Brutalhead +3 Chaos Reaper Cowl Deathless Caster Hair Horned Worshipper Visage of Nulgath HypeFiend's Hair Icy Claws Hood Infinite Visor The Archivist Locks + Glasses Underworld Heretic Hair Hardcore Paragon Pet Holiday Paragon Pet Nulgath Challenge Pet Nulgath Larvae Nulgath's Birthday Gift Formal Light of Destiny BladeMaster's Dual Weapons Dual Balor's Cruelty Dual Caladbolgs Dual DragonBlades of Nulgath Dual Icy Bloodletters of Nulgath Dual Necrotic Swords of Doom Dual Slime Ice Cream Cones Dual Unarmed Gren's Cane ArchFiend Spear Chaos Reaper Scythe Dark Dragon's Havoc Ultra Bloodbeacon Polearm +10 Void Avenger Scythe Beast King's Glory BladeMaster's Katana Blood Hanzo Void Katana Caladbolg Doom Phoenix Blade +5 Doomblade of Destruction Infernal Caladbolg Kotaro's Sealed Katana Obsidian Blade of Nulgath Obsidian FrostReaver Obsidian SoulSeeker Rose of Ragnarok Classes & Armors Barber (Rank 10) Blaze Binder (Rank 10) Classic Pirate (Rank 10) Dragon Shinobi (Rank 9) Evolved Dark Caster (Rank 10) Legion Revenant (Rank 10) Love Caster (Rank 10) Lycan (Rank 10) Obsidian No Class (Rank 10) Void Highlord (Rank 10) Warrior (Rare) (Rank 10) Yami no Ronin (Rank 10) Brilliant Naval Commander Celestine Armor Chaos Reaper Dark Blood of Nulgath Death Stalker (Rare) Doom Celestial Sandknight Doom Chaos Symbiote Doom Iced Jester Doom Naval Commander DoomKnight Naval Commander Eternal Warrior FallenFire Mage Legion DreadRider Legion Naval Commander Nulgath Onyx Naval Commander Original Drakath Armor Polistar's Star Suit Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor Shadowed Dark Caster The Unholy of Vokun Void SkinWalker Fiend Void Warlord Misc Items Treasure Potion Unidentified 25 Voucher of Nulgath Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem) View the full article
  6. Original Email + TID 5th Upholder Galactic Naval Commander + Undead Legion Naval commander DvN rares (obon,grimlord,necrofiend,legacy of nul) Worshipper armor + Worshipper Face of nulgath Sage Horns of revontheus archer drow helm top hat naval (icy,blazing,platinum,etc) VoT + Sun Rune cape Darkside class Chunin + Shadow Duplicate bl beleen + evo drow marshall 1 set Prismatic Maugs slayer 1 set Molten Monarch Cape + Helm More rares in the bank + good buyback Only hardfarm is SDKA with bariums + Hobon 3 month left on membership + 150ish acs image proo : https://imgur.com/a/8LuoClY Asking Price 70$ very negotiateable Email me at movanicy@gmail.com View the full article
  7. https://imgur.com/gallery/mghuNPC Notable buy back items Vindicator Of They Blood Fiend of Nulgath Paragon Pet Courage Armor Courage Helm Dark Vampire 2011 Brown Fedora 10 The Dark Heart Wings of Ice Legion Flesh Ripper Celestial Sand Axe Burning Blade Gate Keeper Arctic Dragonslayer Cloak Love Weaver ExoSuit Binsoku Helm All Hallowed Blade 2011 Dragonwings of Destiny CC 2011 Elemental Walker Frostval Fur Cloak Randolph the Red Nosed Reinzard Rebel Horns Skyguard Commander Helm Account wont get banned. Email for both the portal and aqw account changeable. PayPal Only. Price £150 (negotiable) Trusted seller I have a good rep here on mpgh. Add me on IM if you are interested in purchasing the account no time wasters or attempts to scam. Add me on IM View the full article
  8. Selling this account with alot of nice rares like Dark Caster, Icy Naval, Arctic Dragonslayer, Chunin, Vindicator of They, Skyguard Uniform, Zombification. Has 115 Bag Spaces, 23 Bank spaces, 1113 ACs. Email and Artix account is changeable. Items listed here: https://imgur.com/a/mBhbCq4 $120 Negotiable Email me at loliykyk@gmail.com or ADD ME ON IM Thanks View the full article
  9. mem/legend expired, created 2009 (10yrs),84 character page badges, YNR, Nsod, LR, darkside, Blod,BoA, bright paragon, bank pet and over 800+ items on bank, 150 inventory spaces 220$ via paypal only. UPDATE (with YNR and drakath armor) email: jasteraz@gmail.com armor sets account items reps View the full article
  10. Want to never have to farm or turn a bot ever in your life? You came to the right account! Almost 8 year old account, turning 8 years beginning of next year Reagents: https://prnt.sc/t8tv0e | https://prnt.sc/t8tvee Reputations: https://imgur.com/a/Uz6X9N4 (Every rep in game rank 10 except cragglerock) Classes: https://prnt.sc/t8u11c Weapons: https://prnt.sc/t8tw55 (Also have unnarmed in bank so you can get free unarmed next year) Bank space: https://prnt.sc/t8twan Price: 100 euros Reason for selling: Currently unemployed so im having some hard times in real life, so i could use the money. I am also a bot maker, buying this account would give you in return custom bots from me, a guy that worked in java development for 3 years, until covid hit, (so you are garanted to receive the most optimized bots, for future releases or content) Feel free to ask anything on my email Email: rodrigo.canto99@gmail.com Payment will be done via paypal, can be done with mpgh middleman, but i dont know how that works. View the full article
  11. Hi, I want to sell my 2008 beta account. All you wonder is in the link below. https://imgur.com/a/QbasfRD Some information not in link; Diamond of Nulgath x738 Gem of Nulgath x300 Legion Token x21500 Totem of Nulgath x6 Uni 13 x3 price: 170 $ negotiable little bit :) email me: nekadargereksizvarsa2@gmail.com View the full article
  12. trading my account with your 8k Artix Points 1800coins left, 33 bag space, and 15 pages bank item i can send more screenshot if needed, u can contact me by message or email : bakpaolegit12@gmail.com add me on IM Attached Images 1.jpg [Download and Thanks] (29.6 KB) 2.jpg [Download and Thanks] (56.6 KB) 3.jpg [Download and Thanks] (61.7 KB) View the full article
  13. (please read carefully ) beta tester +founder +1st upholder+vip badge with eternal flames and many doom rares with open nostal with first Ranger hat (beta) (Active mmember ship ) 5 bonus package unlocked with bonus account treasure potions:242 bagspace:89 bank space:10 classes:Ssot(6k acs)-beta breseker-Mind breaker-Highseas commander-legendary archfiend-chaos shaper-mage (rare)-healer (rare)-rogue(rare)-tower classes and much more pets:Crag and bambolzie(5kac)-Drudgen the Assistant(5kacs)-vorpal bunny -Nulgath birthday gift-cursed armored platinium dragon -black void knight and much more armors: Abbysal naval commander of Nulgath-Winter defense Alpha-cursed jolly roger-Dragon tammer of tercessuinotlim-pink dragon slayer-doom lycan tranform- and many more cool ones swords: Blade of awe-beta tester star sword-Doom red star sword-Dual barlog blade-classic golden star sword farming:many materials for vhl almost 60% materials for vhl -maxed blod gems -Diamond of nulgath(x700)-Gem of nulgath (x300) -2k LT much more buypack:Nation jolly roger-Phoenix plate -Ascended Champion Blade of Nulgath and much more if you have any doupts use middman you pay the fee (willing to give Orginal email ) price: (190$)negotiable little bit iaccept paypal only all clean serius buyer contact me only all data available Add me on IM or email me :a.qtr0987@gmail.com https://imgur.com/a/PY2fBt1 https://imgur.com/a/h0Fq5ev View the full article
  14. high end acc with special rarity items with low price blood letters of nulgath (Cyber & M4trix) including Abbysal angles shadows-vhl 50% farming LR-blaze binder-classic legion doomknight-SC-infinite legion much more bagspace:66 bank space:30 with 1k acs armors:Red dragon naval 1set -cyber caster armor-cheer caster -shadow phoenix-void ripper-Oathbreaker pirtae-legion pumpkin lord much more( nation) and( legioner)-(vempire) farming pets:shogun paragon pet-bounty hunter drone pet- much more swords: proto caladbolg-cyber caladbolg-blod letters-afdl sword-dual bounty hunter swords-void paladian katana-vempire knight super sword all data changable middleman is must price :(30$)fixed since im selling it cheap iaccept paypal only you want any proofs dm me pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/0sJ51dB https://imgur.com/gallery/ynxCkwM Add me on IM View the full article
  15. I accept offers via Paypal or CS: GO skins. (Negotiable values) I accept moderator as an intermediary I have creation email and complete account information. Some rare ones that the account has: Helms: Legion Vampire Helm DEAFknight Helm Voltaire's Horned Hat Voltaire's Horned Hat & Beard Voltaire's Tricorn Voltaire's Violet Hat Voltaire's Vorutanian Hat & Beard Worshipper Face of Nulgath WyrmTamer Hood and others... Capes: Guardian Shadow One Eyed Crawler Cape Ruby Eternal Flame Silver and Gold Eternal Flame Silver Eternal Flame Vampire Bats Dragon Phantasm And others... Weapons: Dragonwings of Destiny CC Black Wire Whip Dragon Tongue Pistols Formal Light of Destiny Oblivion Blade of Nulgath Dark Dragon's Havoc Half-Dragon's Havoc And many others... Armors: Vampire Transformation (Original) Undead Paladin (Rare) Skyguard Uniform One-Eyed Warrior Legion Vampire Icy Naval Commander Garth Maul Blazing Naval Commander Arctic Dragonslayer Agility Racer Doom Lycan Transformation Mirror Drakath Platinum Naval Commander Malani Warrior Value $250 (Negotiable) Account: https://imgur.com/a/lCiClqk Contact: Brendowcell@gmail.com or Add me on IM View the full article
  16. Price : $130 (negotiable) email - firedotae@gmail.com Add me on IM proof : https://imgur.com/a/ir1hMgw Equipment Arcane Dark Caster Bats Crossed Gladius Blades Cape Crossed Silver Shotguns Cyberfiend Cloak Flaming Coffin Cape Golden Eternal Flame Grief's Shrine Bank Cape Legion Eternal Flame Legion Minister's Fiend Hide MEGA Oni Cape Memet Mount Cape Oni Rune Cape Sapphire Eternal Flame Teal Eternal Flame Vampire Bats Wings of the Seraph Alchemical Soundwaves Hair Arcane Dark Caster Shag Bido's Birthday Hat 2019 Chrono DragonKnight Helm Cyber Doom Helm CyberFiend Face Dark Legion Vampire Helm Dark ShadowSlayer Z's Hat Dark ShadowSlayer's Hat Dark Spikes of Envy Dark Tophat and Beard Dark Void Horns Dragonsworn Shag Ebony VoidCaster Helm Elegantly Swanky Hair + Beard Fuzzy Neko Ear Muffs Guardian of Darkness Hair Hidden Dark Caster Helm Holiday Paragon Helm Hooded Legion Cowl Prismatic ShadowFlame Shag Wrap ProtoBlaster Hair Royal Beast's Horns Shadow Blade Shinobi Hair Shadow Legion Vampire Helm Void Warlock's Hat Void Witch's Hat Astral Orb Pet Holiday Paragon Pet J6 Pet Kron, The Queen's Herald Nulgath Larvae Sword of Nulgath Tainted Harbinger Blade Bank Pet Thanatos Paragon Pet Cyber Talons White Calligraphy Pen & Scroll Black Diamond Whip Beastly Berry Mug Doom Teddy Mace Ghost Ship in a Bottle Brilliant Beacon Polearm Evil Lance Of Prevarication Legion DoomBringer Polearm Prime Galactic Scythe Rod of All Potato Shadowed Beacon Polearm ULTRA Shadow Legion Vampire Scythe +10 Eternity Key Malevolent Soulbinder Void Witch's Orb Staff Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath Dark Phoenix Blade Doom of the Matrix Ninemares +3 Sabre Of Peace Shadowed Beacon Blade Classes & Armors Alpha DOOMmega (Rank 10) ArchPaladin (Rank 10) Artifact Hunter (Rank 10) BladeMaster (Rank 10) BladeMaster Assassin (Rank 10) Blaze Binder (Rank 10) Chaos Champion Prime (Rank 10) Chrono DragonKnight (Rank 10) ChronoCommander (Rank 10) Cryomancer (Rank 10) Dark Harbinger (Rank 10) Dragon Knight (Rank 10) Dragon Shinobi (Rank 10) Glacial Warlord (Rank 10) Infinite Legion Dark Caster (Rank 10) Infinity Knight (Rank 10) Legion BladeMaster Assassin (Rank 10) LightCaster (Rank 10) Love Caster (Rank 10) Naval Commander (Rank 6) PaladinSlayer (Rank 10) Pink Romancer (Rank 10) Pyromancer (Rank 10) ShadowScythe General (Rank 10) The Collector (Rank 10) Ultra OmniKnight (Rank 10) Undead Goat (Rank 10) Vampire Lord (Rank 10) Abyssal Naval Commander of Nulgath BladeMaster Assassin Armor Cursed Legion Naval Commander Cyber Doomknight Cyber Healer Cyber Mage Cyber Paladin Cyber Rogue Cyber Warrior CyberFiend Dage x Faith Wedding Outfit Dark Blood of Nulgath Dark ShadowSlayer A Dark ShadowSlayer Z Dark Void Of Revontheus Death Stalker Doom Rotting Naval Commander Doomed DeckStalker DoomKnight Naval Commander Elegant Doom Toga Evolved Chronomancer Evolved Legion Vampire FairyTale Royalty FallenFire Mage Gjappy's Celestial Armor Golden Wedding Guest Laken Adherent Laken the Evil Legion Arcane Dark Caster Legion Naval Commander Legion Priest Love Caster Mechanical Naval Commander Onyx Legion Vampire Paragon Naval Commander Pink Romancer Ringermaster Zazul Robed Evolved Legion Vampire Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor Shadow Legion Vampire Shadowed Dark Caster The Unholy of Vokun Tundra Stalker Void Witch View the full article
  17. Price : $50 (negotiable) email : firedotae@gmail.com Add me on IM proof : https://imgur.com/a/gzTFNJP Equipment Arcane Dark Caster Bats Elemental Orbs Enchanted Dark Sheathed Blades Formal Draconic Skyguard Cape Guardian Shadow Legion Eternal Flame Platinum Wings DeathHunter Locks Dragon Admiral Mask Legion Jolly Roger Locks Platinum Commander's Headband Ranger Hat Rich Skull Hat Nulgath's Mask Crag & Bamboozle's Birthday Pet Marshmallow Cheep Mercenary Gnome Nulgath Larvae ShadowScythe Warlock's Spellbook Shogun Paragon Pet Blinding Light of Destiny Dark Talons of Nulgath Dual Ascended Champion Blades of Nulgath Dual Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade Dual Legion Pirate's Cutlasses Dual Unarmed Shadow Orbs of Nulgath Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath Colt Revolver Golden Celestial Warrior's Spear Burning Blade Of Abezeth Doom Celestial Sandsword Doom ExoKatana Binsoku DragonBlade of Nulgath Laser Hanzamune Blade Platinum Star Sword Shadowknight Blade Classes & Armors Alpha DOOMmega (Rank 1) Arachnomancer (Rank 10) Artifact Hunter (Rank 10) BladeMaster (Rank 10) Classic Exalted Soul Cleaver (Rank 10) Classic Legion DoomKnight (Rank 10) Classic Paladin (Rank 10) Cryomancer (Rank 1) Dark Legendary Hero (Rank 4) Darkside (Rank 10) Defender (Rank 10) Dragonlord (Rank 10) Healer (Rank 10) Infinite Legion Dark Caster (Rank 10) Legendary Naval Commander (Rank 10) Legion DoomKnight (Rank 10) Legion Revenant (Rank 10) Mage (Rare) (Rank 10) MechaJouster (Rank 1) Naval Commander (Rank 1) Necromancer (Rank 10) Pyromancer (Rank 10) ShadowScythe General (Rank 10) SwordMaster (Rank 10) The Collector (Rank 10) Vindicator Of They (Rank 10) Warrior (Rank 10) Yami no Ronin (Rank 10) Emo Shocker Enchanted Pirate Fortunate Holiday Paragon Plate Frozen Fury Interfector Deorum Legion Jolly Roger Armor Pastel Skyguard Captain Pirate of Vokun Platinum Naval Commander Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor SkyGuard MP Think Pink Cheerleader Tombstone Armor Warriors of The Sun Misc Items View the full article
  18. As the title says, anyone know anywhere I can buy an account that isn't unranked but is low iron mmr for EUW? View the full article
  19. I'm selling two accounts Acc 1 Account with ChronoCorruptor class; 85$ https://imgur.com/a/JTx0SIo Acc 2; It is not beta, but it has beta berserker and alpha pirate and many other items; 185$ https://imgur.com/a/Z16VLxF I Accept paypal Send email me:lucas.lima55@hotmail.com Add me on IM View the full article
  20. mem/legend expired, created 2009 (10yrs),83 character page badges, Nsod, LR, darkside, Blod,BoA, bright paragon, bank pet and over 800+ items on bank, 150 inventory spaces, 40% to YNR, 95% to drakath's armor (daily missing). with artix account. 230$ via paypal only. email: jasteraz@gmail.com armor sets account items reps and if you're interested 200$ + 10$ with 11 years account (not beta). View the full article
  21. Account aqw lvl 91 Artifact hunter Blade master Evolved dark caster Classic Legion doomknight Amoning others 60$ I accept paypal Send e-mail me:lucas.lima55@hotmail.com Add me on IM Attached Images t12.PNG [Download and Thanks] (589.2 KB) t11.PNG [Download and Thanks] (529.8 KB) t10.PNG [Download and Thanks] (239.5 KB) t9.PNG [Download and Thanks] (61.0 KB) t8.PNG [Download and Thanks] (41.4 KB) t7.PNG [Download and Thanks] (70.3 KB) t6.PNG [Download and Thanks] (66.4 KB) t5.PNG [Download and Thanks] (77.5 KB) t4.PNG [Download and Thanks] (82.3 KB) t3.PNG [Download and Thanks] (63.0 KB) t2.PNG [Download and Thanks] (58.8 KB) t1.PNG [Download and Thanks] (275.1 KB) View the full article
  22. SELLING MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT - It is level 100 - It is more than 8 years old - It has almost 70 classes (Void Highlord, Legion Revenant and Yami no Ronin are included) - It has verification classes (Dragonlord, Starlord, Guardian and Defender) - It has 230 inventory spaces - It has 45 bank spaces - It has BoA - It has BLoD - It has Drakath's Armor - It has Seppy Armor - It has NSoD - It has ENNH - It has many juggernauts - It has Upholders - It has MANY rares around the account such Naval Commanders for example Screenshot: https://imgur.com/yMcbOHe Payment via PayPal Negotiate with me using this e-mail below: caraiosingle@hotmail.com View the full article
  23. https://imgur.com/a/3GRnTvu email me colelamarjk@gmail.com price negotiable View the full article
  24. I am selling an aqw lvl 91 acc with some rares Artifact hunter class Blademaster class Evolved Dark Caster Classic Legion Doomknight Among others I have account data for transfer 65$ I Accept Paypal Add me on IM Send me e-mail lucas.lima55@hotmail.com Attached Images t1.PNG [Download and Thanks] (275.1 KB) t2.PNG [Download and Thanks] (58.8 KB) t3.PNG [Download and Thanks] (63.0 KB) t4.PNG [Download and Thanks] (82.3 KB) t5.PNG [Download and Thanks] (77.5 KB) t6.PNG [Download and Thanks] (66.4 KB) t7.PNG [Download and Thanks] (70.3 KB) t8.PNG [Download and Thanks] (41.4 KB) t9.PNG [Download and Thanks] (61.0 KB) t10.PNG [Download and Thanks] (239.5 KB) t11.PNG [Download and Thanks] (529.8 KB) t12.PNG [Download and Thanks] (589.2 KB) View the full article
  25. Account lvl 95 Member created in october 2011 Armors & Class ChronoCorruptor Class Vindicator of they class Mystical Dark Caster class Chunin Class Yami no ronin Blazing Naval Commander Blooded Berserker Chaos Naval Commander Crystallis Heart of Kotaro Dark Caster X Doom Naval Commander Paladin Naval Commander Shadow Legacy of Nulgath Shinobi X Among others. Swords Crystallis Wayfinder Dual Crystallis Chakrams Dual Necrotic Swords of Doom Dual Shinobi Katanas SightBlinder Axe of Nulgath KAR-21 Crystallis Chakram SoulForge Hammer Crystallis Soulbreaker Crystallis Kingsblade Crystallis Peacemaker Doom Star Slasher DragonBlade of Nulgath Evolved Champion of Order Blade Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade Kotaro's Sealed Katana Oblivion Blade of Nulgath Pets Bounty Hunter's Drone Pet Crag & Bamboozle Drudgen the Assistant Light Evil Wolf Nulgath Larvae Paragon Pet Sword of Nulgath Voltaire's Baby Black Unicorn Pet Houses Aussie Opera House Battleon Arena House Enchanted Nulgath Nation House Nulgath Nation House Pitch Black Dungeon I just lost my email address for my artix account, but I have the right email address for my account I lowered the price 115$ I accept paypal Send me e-mail lucas.lima55@hotmail.com Add me on IM Attached Images 1 - WZAUprm.png [Download and Thanks] (485.3 KB) 2 - KRGDbgv.png [Download and Thanks] (343.5 KB) 3 - XRnLdCn.png [Download and Thanks] (516.0 KB) 4 - KFr8Ro2.png [Download and Thanks] (335.2 KB) 5 - YlOK3Rz.png [Download and Thanks] (228.6 KB) 6 - G5repjl.png [Download and Thanks] (146.1 KB) 7 - 558Z1bS.png [Download and Thanks] (427.9 KB) 8 - Lv84d9b.png [Download and Thanks] (58.9 KB) 9 - DcxHl8s.png [Download and Thanks] (60.8 KB) 10 - 8T3YdNN.png [Download and Thanks] (56.6 KB) 11 - oEQixaL.png [Download and Thanks] (85.4 KB) 12 - XCZxiLY.png [Download and Thanks] (123.7 KB) 13 - uf6TzjV.png [Download and Thanks] (89.5 KB) 14 - 3Q0371W.png [Download and Thanks] (386.3 KB) View the full article