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  1. Add me on IM for talking guys View the full article
  2. ShacoShack Full Access Account Shop Click me to order Verified Non Full-Access Accounts Shop (https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1490261) This is NA Only, all accounts are level 30+, all info is changeable Starting price for 20 champ account ready for ranked is $10, prices depend on the champs / skins / Blue Essence on the account Add me on IM and we can discuss your needs so I can find a perfect account for you :) All accounts come with 1 YEAR warranty which covers account recovery Why should you buy handleveled accounts over botted ones? Although slightly more expensive, these accounts will never be banned for botting. Botted accounts use third party software to level their accounts to 30 and will most likely eventually be banned. My D1 Main account along with a d4 one was banned after 8 months of purchasing a bottled account. They are never truly safe! Click me to order View the full article
  3. League of Legends Smurfs Price: 4 / account Region: NA, EUW, EUNE, PBE BE: 40.000+ Unverified email You can order with a special request. Payment method: Paypal Proof/example: https://prnt.sc/qi3lse These are HQ accounts with an extremly low banrate, I provide 30 day warranty. Bulk orders are not a problem. View the full article
  4. i search people have calendar code 2016 for aqw contact me: arthur.martial@gmail.com View the full article
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking to sell this account because I'm in need of some money in this situation that everyone is currently in. This is an account from 2014 with tons of items and rare heromart items along with 8,000 AC's for you to use. https://i.imgur.com/ZYQXsW7.png (Main Char Page) https://i.imgur.com/HmLw4Eh.png (Badges Part 1) https://i.imgur.com/Wn2dPbY.png (Badges Part 2) https://i.imgur.com/Nl56ALJ.png (Inventory Part 1) https://i.imgur.com/TLi1pPU.png (Inventory Part 2) https://i.imgur.com/WPtvKhP.png (Gold / Bag Space / AC's) https://i.imgur.com/9SAUonM.png (Account Creation Date) If you are at all interested please feel free to Add me on IM View the full article
  6. I'm interested in buying an account that is either diamond this season, or was diamond previously. Preferably with 70+ champions. Personal only, no cracked accounts. Let me know what you have! View the full article
  7. I'm selling fresh un-ranked and un-verified smurfs for the NA server. They come in 40-50K BE or 50-60K BE variants. There have been no PvP matches played on them and they are level 30-40. They have been leveled playing Intro Co-Op vs A.I. bot games. For full clarification, these are brand-new accounts and are completely safe. Prices: 40-50K BE - $15 USD 50-60K BE - $20 USD Payment Methods Accepted: Interac E-Transfer (For Canadians) Bitcoin / Ethereum *I am open to the use of a middleman at your expense* Proof of BE Amount(s): Contact me via MPGH IM - Add/Message Me View the full article
  8. I'm offering RP gifting services for the NA server. I can either add you and gift your products of choice after 24 hours, or I can provide you the login information and you can do it at your own leisure. My Rates: 40% (If I provide you the account credentials) 45% (40% + 5% Service Fee) - If I add you myself and gift you Payment Methods Accepted: Interac E-Transfer (For Canadians) Bitcoin / Ethereum Stock: Contact me via MPGH IM - Add/Message Me View the full article
  9. Price : $230 (negotiable) screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/I9MYsRE Has many rare items such as: Blademaster class Chaos champion prime Chronocommander Chunin Dragon Shinobi Love Caster Paladin Highlord Vindicator of They Ascended Dark Caster Blazing Naval Chronolord Naval Ebil Dragon rider Grimlord of Nulgath Caladbolg bank pet and much more! contact information: Add me on IM email : Ghostlychart@gmail.com View the full article
  10. Selling OG account. EUW DIAMOND 4 57% WIN RATE 12307 Blue essence 4 rp 6 GemStones, 2 Keys Fragments, 2 Chest. All champs (updated) 117 skins: 1 Supreme, 1 mitic, 8 leggendary, 14 epic, 43 legacy, 4 chromas. (I am new on this forum, so i don't know how u can contact me. I think u just dm me on this forum) View the full article
  11. If you have any questions regarding the service or would like to place an order please contact me on IM View the full article
  12. My own personal account. Last season Gold so those rewards are available as well. Will sell for just 20$. I accept Paypal. Add me on IM. https://ibb.co/7C4MX8Z https://ibb.co/f9w2WmS https://ibb.co/KxyKC0v https://ibb.co/mBrmJG2 https://ibb.co/vJDgWdh https://ibb.co/YRfWBnC https://ibb.co/z8V73pS https://ibb.co/47qmRkR https://ibb.co/j3rN2nw https://ibb.co/JCNsBP2 https://ibb.co/yddV5cP https://ibb.co/8rcmWpK https://ibb.co/tLWXcQ7 https://ibb.co/DgcjMG0 View the full article
  13. My friend is finding a legion poster code so contact me if you have one by email: zazulzap@gmail.com and i will let you meet with him to negotiate pricing View the full article
  14. I want to buy RP on EUNE server View the full article
  15. Selling [EUW] accounts with rp. I CAN EITHER SELL ACCOUNT OR JUST GIFT IT TO YOU. ACC with RP from 400 to 999 > 2€ ACC with RP from 1000 to 1999 > 5€ ACC with RP from 2000 to 2999 > 9€ Selling accounts with level 30 to 300. Selling accounts with skins from 0 to 600. Selling accounts with rare skins! Accounts with rp Accounts with skins And much more accounts My DISC is - marchapril#7248 All payments are in - BTC and PP (Family and friends)! - - - Updated - - - contact me in forum or in *******! View the full article