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  1. Hello y'all! I'm selling my 9 year old account with 7 months of membership remaining on it. I am the original account owner, have put down a lot of time and money on the account. Few things on the account, A LOT OF bank items which I can't be asked to take pics of. Old rares and whatnot. Not progressed through legion or nulgath a whole lot - been lazy. Comes with 150 backpack space, 30 bank space, 4m gold, 1.8k ACs a LOT of classes. https://imgur.com/a/4zVYDFh My initial ask price is $230. PayPal only - unless you're Swedish, then I also accept Swish. Add me on IM to discuss further. View the full article
  2. I'm looking to sell a one-of-a kind starter account. It is unranked in summoners rift, has a good amount of popular champions, has completed the spirit blossom event (Spirit Bonds Storyline), and even comes with 4545 RP as well as 21,000 BE for your own use. It is currently Diamond III in TFT and has very high MMR (50-60LP for first place) as I rarely ever lost. The reason I'm selling the account is because I was originally going to use it as a smurf but I'm too busy to commit to the account. Account Feature Summary Diamond III 70 LP TFT Unranked Placements Summoner's Rift 4545 RP 21,000 BE 800 Spirit Tokens Spirit Blossom Event Pass TFT Pass (Completed) (All booms, arena-skins unlocked) 15 Little Legends (A few epics) (Images in album) All Set 1 Spirit Blossom Skins (Thresh, Teemo, Vayne, Lillia, Yasuo) w/ Icon and Border 4 Spirit Blossom Skin Chromas and with the tokens you can buy two-three more Many popular champions (Pictures shown in album) 24 Skins (Pictures shown in album) 4 Epic Skin Shards & 2 Gemstones Every spirit blossom summoner icon 8 Ward Skins 64 Day EXP Boost FULL-Account Access (Email change, recovery email information) Picture Album (Imgur) https://imgur.com/a/1fszn7L I'm letting it go for very cheap. The account is priced at $150 and is firm and non-negotiable. Payment Methods Accepted Bitcoin Ethereum *Due to the nature of account selling, Paypal will not be accepted under any circumstances because of how easy it is for buyers to reverse the transaction Add me on IM to buy now! View the full article
  3. For sale is an autopilot event pass/token farmer for League of Legends. The bot will automatically queue up for Teamfight Tactics matches and play to effectively and efficiently gain tokens from event passes as well as complete select event missions in the process. The bot will always be kept up-to-date by me and after purchasing I will still provide a reasonable amount of assistance if needed. The bot is light-weight and simple to use and the features are as follows Queue / Re-Queue / Reconnect if disconnected / Re-log if disconnected Purchase champions Choose champions with specific trait sets to look realistic Upgrade champions Move at carousel Move your little legend around to prevent any suspicion of inactivity Always will be kept up-to-date with each event Upon purchase I will include a quick and easy guide to set it up along with the bot, so rest assured everything will work as advertised. Currently with the Spirit Blossom event in progress the bot will also level your spirit bonds, farm tokens as well as gain spirit petal points. This is a great time to buy and save yourself weeks of farming! Price: $25 Payment Methods Accepted Bitcoin Ethereum *Paypal is not accepted due to the nature of the product I am selling, as it is very easy for buyers to chargeback I am currently giving away one vouch copy to an eligible member. If you do not quality do not ask. Add me on IM to buy now! View the full article
  4. Welcome to my humble RP gifting service! At the moment I am only servicing the NA and OCE region. My pricing is 55% off of the store's prices and it is non-negotiable. At my gifting service, I take every necessary precaution possible to ensure your accounts safety. I have my own private methods on how to securely gift virtually unlimited amounts of RP so rest assured our transaction will go smoothly. A 24-hour warranty is provided after you receive the gift and if there are any issues within that time frame, a replacement will be promptly provided. The buying process is simple and as follows: 1. Add me on IM and inquire on the skins/loot/etc you'd like to buy from the store. 2. Send payment 3. I will add you on the account 4. After the mandatory 24-hour time frame as passed, I will promptly gift you your purchased merchandise. Payment Methods Accepted Bitcoin Ethereum *Due to the nature of RP selling, Paypal will not be accepted under any circumstances because of how easy it is for buyers to reverse the transaction I am currently giving away two 1350 RP vouch copies to eligible members. If you do not quality do not ask. Add me on IM to buy now! The first 10 customers get an additional 5% off! View the full article
  5. Account is confirmed but inactive Email cannot be changed as i dont have access to original email, password can be changed however. Account pics: https://imgur.com/a/pis3mLV 12 page bank on account management page, has some nice stuff like caladbolg and more classes (arch paladin, blaze binder, cryo etc) 2013 account Price is $20 Payment methods: PayPal f&f or Bitcoin Add me on IM if interested. Add me on IM View the full article
  6. Aqw account lvl 100 is not beta created in march 2012 Vindicator of they class Classic Alpha pirate class Beta berserker class Artifact Hunter class Corrupted Chronomancer class (heromart calendar 2019) Immortal Chronomancer class VoidHightlord class Member until May 2026 10 years member badge Virtually all items of the wheel of doom, doom naval commander, doom rooting naval commander, doom red star sword, among others I will be leaving in the prints and Videos 150$ Negotiable price, I accept paypal Add me on IM Send e-mail me: karool_top@hotmail.com Do not come and try to cheat you will not succeed, do not waste my time or yours Attached Images aq1.PNG [Download and Thanks] (956.3 KB) aq2.PNG [Download and Thanks] (92.8 KB) aq3.PNG [Download and Thanks] (99.6 KB) aq4.PNG [Download and Thanks] (119.9 KB) aq5.PNG [Download and Thanks] (96.0 KB) aq6.PNG [Download and Thanks] (91.9 KB) aq7.PNG [Download and Thanks] (142.5 KB) aq8.PNG [Download and Thanks] (389.8 KB) View the full article
  7. Hi guys, wavee here selling a fresh account, lvl'd by me (LVL30). Account has 2k+ spirit blossom tokens and 25 prestige points. This is all done by my method of gaining spirit blossom tokens (undetected since the very beginning of 2020). Price: negotiable (DM ME) - You will get FULL acces to the account - If your account gets banned within 30 days, i offer you a FULL refund. Refund is only possible if the ban came from me and NOT you. - Match history is CLEAN, no RANKED/NORMALS. 2k+ tokens, you can get ur self nice skins with these tokens. Skins: championship zed, virdian kayle, redcard twisted fate, deep sea nami ICONS EMOTES View the full article
  8. Hey everyone, wavee here with a CHEAP boosting service. SERVER: EUW/EUNE Payment Methods: CryptoCurrency, PayPal/Payoneer. Contact methods: PM on the website (ADD IM) PRICE Bronze/Iron PER Division (IV-I) = €2 Bronze I - Silver IV = €3 DuoQ / net win = €1 Silver PER Division (IV-I) = €3 Silver I - Gold IV = 4 DuoQ / net win = €2 Gold PER Division (IV-I) = €6 Gold I - Plat IV = €10 DuoQ / net win = = €4 Platinum PER Division (IV-III) = 15€ Plat 1 - Diamond 4 = €30 Placement matches atleast gold €30. Can do higher or lower. Might add in the future diamond boosting. TOS: 1. You may not log on the account during Solo Boost (during a game). 2. You may not play any RANKED games during the boost. TFT Ranked is allowed. 3. Not reaching the desired devision = FULL REFUND. 4. We will not use any scripts/hack tools on your account. 5. We will use a VPN (if you want). VOUCHES: 2-8-2020As of today, none. View the full article
  9. Welcome to my League of Legends Smurf Shop, Some of the features of my accounts are: Level 30 Original Email - uncreated email box that you can create and get access to Unranked - Completely fresh MMR 40k+ Blue Essence (after all champion shards are dischent) Multiple champion shards - save Blue Essence by upgrading them or just dischent them for extra BE! Lifetime warranty (for level botting bans) Sample account: Why choose my product? I only sell accounts that have been aged for a period of 90 or more days to completely eliminate any chance of a botting ban. I never dischent the champion shards on the accounts so that the potential buyer can check if any of the champions are of his interest and get them for a cheaper price and that way save Blue Essence. Price: $10.00 Payments methods: PayPal (upgraded members only) and Bitcoin Contact Information Add me on IM to purchase Terms of Service: 1. I only accept PayPal from upgraded members. All others Bitcoin only. 2. I will not go first to anyone. We can use a middleman at your cost. 3. I don't provide any type of refunds. The warranty will grant you a replacement. 4. I hold the right to refuse selling to you at any time. 5. I hold the right to change this ToS at any time. View the full article
  10. League of legends PLATINUM IV 1 SKIN 28 CHAMPIONS (FULL ACCESS) 12$ feel free to ask any questions View the full article
  11. Hello everyone, today I am launching my League of Legends gift service (Skin / TFT eggs / Hextech loot / champion ...) Join my ******* server if you are interested https://*******.gg/3QpZ2QR View the full article
  12. https://imgur.com/a/S6D2AXi Selling godly account for 100$ send me an email @ connoryap198@gmail.com View the full article
  13. Selling my 10 years account Many rares stuff in bag and bank 3-6th Upholder Badge 9 Heromart items 140 Inventory Space, 39 Bank Space Blazing, Chaos, Doom Naval, Bubblegum Scallywag etc Many rare items are on the buyback (11 Page) Vindicator of They Class Paragon Pet Azure Dragonknight Bloodfiend of Nulgath Vanguard armor etc if you want to see more buybacks, you can contact me https://imgur.com/gallery/PvGkAHT Email for both the Artix account Changeable, but i will give the email to avoid detect by AE Sell only enough to pay $215 Negotiable! bruh, very cheap account Paypal only, no scam, no trap.. serious selling or emailing Ghief1st@gmail.com View the full article
  14. I remember using some service a few years ago where people offered gifting you stuff for a much cheaper prize. Anyone here offers such a service? View the full article
  15. Selling an account for $60 (negotiable) with: -Void Highlord -Yami no Ronin -Archfiend Spear -Blinding Light of Destiny -Sepulchure DoomKnight Armor -Level 100 (max) -Email is changeable -Membership Active until September 18, 2020 -and many more for details and inventory you can check on https://imgur.com/a/W5XzkyI you can contact me on email at hafiaann@gmail.com View the full article