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  1. Need Dage rares like Legion arcane DC and Legion blademaster assassin class/armor Any variant of the seasonal legion classes preferably male character unless there are ACs Void highlord optional but any class that can solo a boss decently Does not need to have many bag slots or ACs Does not need to be member or high-end account Post here or email me on rgrass727@gmail.com View the full article
  2. So I am offering Hextech gifting service for huge discounts How my service works You tell me which loot you would like I will add you We then wait 24 hours, as thats the gifting time delay after adding My prices are 11 Chests for 4 33 Chests for 10 11 Orbs for 8 I also take custom requests I am also selling the method if you are interested REFUND POLICYIf you're anything goes I will renstate it all expenses Add me on Im if interested View the full article
  3. Hello. I'm selling hextech gifts for a low value: I can bypass 24hour wait INSTANT GIFTING 11 Chests = 4€ 11 Orbs = 5€ 33 Chests = 10€ 22 Orbs = 10€ 28 Orbs = 12.5€ I can lower my price if you find anyone selling cheaper. Contact me for custom deals. Click here to add me in IM and chat with me View the full article
  4. Hello, so recently i opened my Market Place. I think my prices are reasonable cheap. And u don't need to overpay for gifts. My Rules: I Don't use any cracked accounts. Only Botted Max 10 Gifts. 24 hours of wait, i can do instant gifting but now thats bannable so we have to wait every 24 hours My Shop 30 Any Orbs = 10 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 9,50 Euro (WIth VIP Rank) 10 Any Orbs = 8,69 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 7,50 Euro (WIth VIP Rank) 10 Masterwork Chests + 13 Prestige Points = 7 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 6,50 Euro (With VIP Rank) 10 Hextech Chests & Keys + Bonus Set = 6 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 5,50 Euro (With VIP Rank) 11 TFT Eggs = 9 Euro (without VIP Rank) / 8 Euro (With VIP Rank) If you buy more than 35+ Euro, u will recieve VIP Rank, and have less prices, and a special offers for vip's only exclusive! If your friend buys something for 15+ Euro u will recieve 1 sets of masterwork chests Add me here to talk! View the full article
  5. Cheapest Gifting Service on MPGH. 30+3 Masterwork Chests = 9€ 20+2 Masterwork Chests + 10+1 True Damage/World Orbs = 10€ 30 World/True Damage Orbs = 10€ Add me on IM PayPal and BTC are accepted. Buy 2 get 1 free How it works: I add you, after 24 hours I receive the payment, and you get the gifts. EUW ONLY No risk of bans, not carded or cracked. View the full article
  6. PROMOTION ONLY LIMITED TIME For every 15€ Purchase you make you get x1 10+1 Masterwork Chests for free. If you recommend a friend to my Shop and he / she makes a purchase of atleast 15€ you get 10+1 Masterworks Chests for free. (More Referral = More Free stuff) How it Works: I add you ( we are waiting 24h because of restriction) Your or I will send out the trade request after the 24h restriction You will pay the money I will gift you the boxes. PS:All Accounts are handbotted leveled so the chance to get a refund is very small. If a refund happens and you can proof it with screenshots I will send you the same amount of gifts that got refunded back (30 days warranty) Looking for Vouchers 0/3 (10+1 Masterwork Chests) Payment Method: Paypal (F&F) View the full article
  7. RP EXPLOIT EUW Difficulty - 0/10 Time to do it: 2 minutes per 7200RP INSTANT GIFTING METHOD (NO MORE 24 HOURS WAIT) Difficulty - 5/10 Time to do it: 4 minutes per account What I offer: I'll teach you how to do it and you have support from my side when needed. I provide you with anything and everything needed for you to start abusing this system. PRICE LIST (separate packages): RP Exploit - 50€ Instant Gifting Method - 80€ Buy both together - 110€ Beggars will be blocked and ignored. If you add me, provide me with account. I will add 7200 RP to it and instantly gift to any of your accounts as a proof. YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY BEFORE YOU ARE SURE IT WORKS AND I CAN PROVE IT ON ANY ACCOUNT AND GIFT TO ANY ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU BUY NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INVOLVE CARDING IT IS EXPLOIT IN THE CLIENT Add me on IM :) VOUCH THREAD WHERE I USED METHOD: https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1477794 View the full article
  8. Hello. I'm selling hextech gifts for a low value: Instant delivery No ban risk Cheap 11 Master work chests = 4 Euro 11 World Orbs = 9 Euro 33 Masterwork chests = 10 Euro I will match any price and lower any price you find. If you want to negociate a better deal contact me. Click here to contact me Proof: View the full article
  9. (AQW ACCOUNT COMES WITH ARTIX.PORTAL ACCOUNT) https://imgur.com/gallery/g3cyl6R -Account is a beta and beta tester !! (Gives exclusive access to the rare Beta tester shop) -Has all the upholders except 3rd, 9th and 10th -This account is 11 years old since June 27th -Nostalgia unlocked, so you can dual wield your favourite items! -Badge up to 8 years of membership unlocked! (Only three more years to get a GioDa) - Rare classes (all rank 10) like Classic Alpha Pirate, Warrior (rare) , healer (rare) -Maxed Gold (4 million) -An unused Platinum Item of donated Awesomeness -Tons of bank pets -Max level (90), most reps are rank 10, boost are available as well including over 961 hours of EXP boost, 107 hours of GOLD boost, 133 hours of CLASS boost, and 170 hours of REP boost!! -around 80 badges in total -Extremely rare rares !! -Theres 5,500 ACs left I only accept Paypal Transactions, If you are interested, Add me on IM or email me at : tomlawfordd@gmail.com to discuss the price !! View the full article
  10. selling unverified botted lol accounts a majority of the accounts are aged (4+ months). prices: na: $4.99 euw: $4.99 oce: $5.99 tr: $5.99 only accept paypal message me on im View the full article
  11. League of Legends Hextech Gifting -Read First- -I sell League of Legends hextech gifting which is safe and secure to use and I also have a warranty on it. -All RP is purchased through League of Legends official store with a legal payment method. -I accept PayPal (Friends and Family), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar only. -I can ask for additional fees if you want to pay through PayPal, however I have a US and EU PP accounts so you shouldn't worry about F&F fee. Prices 11 Master work chests = 4 Euro 11 World Orbs = 9 Euro 33 Masterwork chests = 10 Euro. ADD ME ON IM I guarantee you will not face any issues with my gifting and we have a warranty on all our gifts. 30% OFF for first few buyers. If you buy for 30+ Euro you will get 33 chests for free!! Also giving vouches to reputable members. View the full article
  12. We're selling a wide variety of unranked accounts. every account has an unverified email that you can claim once you get it. Prices: 40K blue essence:6.5$ 50k blue essence: 7.5$ 60k blue essence: 8.5$ 70k blue essence: 9.5$ PBE accounts: 3$ If you're interested pm me or Add me on IM! View the full article
  13. Instantaneous Gifting Service Tired of waiting 24h before receiving your gift? Wait no more, with our services you will receive your order right after you pay, this means that you will not have to wait 24h anymore! Prices: ➟ 15€ = 22 worlds orbs / true damage orbs + 11 hextech chests & keys 50€ Shop Value ➟ 25€ = 44 worlds orbs / true damage orbs + 22 hextech chests & keys 100€ Shop Value➟ 40€ = 66 worlds orbs / true damage orbs + 33 hextech chests & keys 150€ Shop Value To get started add me on IM View the full article
  14. Looking to buy method to skip the 24h delay in gifting after adding to friends. View the full article
  15. Tired of having to order from other people or want to open your own service? You can get 7200 RP per account (50 Euro) Account will get locked 90% of the time afterwards, gift loot to yourself or others, it does not get reverted. Only works on EUW What I will provide: The method itself accounts that you can gift yourself/others from a contact that can sell you cheap accounts after you run out. this will cost you about 2€ per 50€ of RP. method is blackhat but whitehat from a moral standpoint (you're not harming or stealing from anybody except riot by getting free rp) You go first or middleman will be used. Looking to sell 1 copy for 100€ add me on IM View the full article