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  1. Have a LVL 90 VHL Account I wanna sell. Anyone interested, we can work out a deal, but for now, I'm leaving it at 90$. I'm the owner of the account, so I can change email and password for it! What it has: LVL 90 VHL 4 Mil Over 300 different rarities armor in the bank, from rarity to legendary rarity. Old Account Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/uAp22kI NOTE: What you see in the screenshots is what I have on, everything else is in the bank. Attachment below has every set I have in the List, so just read it :) Add me on IM Downloadable Files List.txt [Download and Thanks] (9.3 KB) View the full article
  2. Hello, i want to sell my league of legends account that is active and im the first owner. LVL 135 64+ SKINS ALMOST ALL CHAMPIONS RARE SKINS LIST Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition Galaxy Slayer ZED(WITH BORDER AND ICON) ORIGINAL SKIN IG KAI'SA(WITH BORDER AND ICON) ORIGINAL SKIN SLAY BELEE KATARINA DRAVEN DRAVEN ALL-STAR AKALI The Account still active, and soon on this patch ill open 124 Orbs to get project irelia and more skins will be updated. PRICE : 100 Euro Negative. DC: KyubiOG_#8354 PICTURES View the full article
  3. After playing for over 10 long years, im finally quitting aqw. This account has seen thousand and thousands of hours and 5,000$ minimum over the years. I know that i will get no where close to that so ill only ask for 80. It has over 50k Legion tokens, most rares in the game, All 1% drops from WoD except Rotting. a PIODA ready to use, Bloodletters and more. All items to get VHL i legit spent so much time.I have over 10 of those monthly ac badge unlocks left so you can use them to get the newsest sets when they come out. I am the original owner and have all original info. feel free to comment on here with offer or email me at pisani96f@gmail.com Add me on IM THanks! Attached Images Screenshot_5.png [Download and Thanks] (221.1 KB) Screenshot_6.png [Download and Thanks] (163.7 KB) Screenshot_7.png [Download and Thanks] (220.4 KB) Screenshot_8.png [Download and Thanks] (220.7 KB) Screenshot_9.png [Download and Thanks] (186.1 KB) Screenshot_10.png [Download and Thanks] (218.2 KB) Screenshot_11.png [Download and Thanks] (212.5 KB) Screenshot_12.png [Download and Thanks] (1.13 MB) Screenshot_13.png [Download and Thanks] (775.1 KB) Screenshot_14.png [Download and Thanks] (272.0 KB) Screenshot_15.png [Download and Thanks] (169.3 KB) Screenshot_16.png [Download and Thanks] (183.5 KB) Screenshot_18.png [Download and Thanks] (983.0 KB) View the full article
  4. After TFT came out i lost my will to play league so im trying to get rid of my account. Last year i went crazy and bouht 600$ worth of worlds 2018 orbs and got 88 skins from them and 10k Orange essence left over. the account is level 40, NA server. Im looking for 100$. i have the original email and pass. Feel free to comment offers or email me at pisani96f@gmail.com Thanks! View the full article
  5. EUW Season 9 Platinum 4 80% D4 MMR - 59 Champions - 33 Skins **Riot Singed** EUW S8 Silver / Season 9 Unranked - 105 Champions - 29 Skins Legendary~Epic~Legacy EUW Season 9 Silver 2 - 40 Champions - 3 Epic Skins - HonorLvl 3 EUNE Season 9 Platinum 3 - 74 Champions - 22 Skins Epic~Ultimate~Legacy~Vic EUW Season 9 Silver 4 HonorLv3 - 35 Champions - 14 Skins K/DA Ahri / Rare skins EUNE Season 9 Gold 4 HonorLv4 - 115 Champions - 51 Skins Legendary~Epic~Legacy~Rare -16k BE EUNE Season 9 Gold 3 - 137 Champions[7 Left] - 37 Skins Legendary~Epic~Legacy~Rare - 8K BE EUNE Season 9 Gold 4 HonorLv4 - 96 Champions - 34 Skins Legendary~Epic~Legacy~Rare - CS Riven EUW Season 9 Silver 2 - 81 Champions - 30 Skins Epic~Ultimate~Legacy~Legendary EUW Season 9 Diamond 2 65%wr SoloQ / Gold 2 TFT - 107 Champions - 39 Skins [ Legendary~Legacy~Epic~Rare EUW Season 9 Diamond 4 [ 80% Winrate ] - Hand~Leveled - 21 Champions- 5 Skins in Loot - 26270 BE EUW Season 9 Diamond 4 [ 80% Winrate ] - Hand~Leveled - 26 Champions- 1 Skin EUNE Season 9 Bronze 2 HonorLv3 - 25 Champions - 8 Skins Legendary~Epic~Legacy~Ultimate - EUW Season 9 Gold 3 HonorLv3 - 60 Champions - 21 Skins Legacy~Epic~Legendary EUNE Season 9 Silver 2 HonorLv3 - 50 Champions - 10 Skins Epic~Legendary~Legacy if you're looking for an account with a certain rank or skins feel free to dm me! Add me on IM View the full article
  6. Welcome to The Boys Boosting service! Iron – Platinum in SoloQ, DuoQ and Flex! Payment Accepted: PayPal -Willing to transact through a middleman service if the price is raised to compensate. -If requested, we're willing to give up to 2 free wins (not eligible if you're in a series) before you make your transaction. -If requested, we're willing to duo with you or play a flex game with you (even if the order doesn't involve duo/flex) before you make your transaction. -If you already have high lp in your current division, feel free to ask for a discount on that particular division. We’re a team of 2 who are dedicated to getting you to your end of season goals in a quick and timely manner. We’re available on our server almost 24/7 for any inquiries and are willing to assist in any way that we can. Normally we're available to play at almost any point through the night so you can use your account in the day and we can play while you're asleep. Proof of ranks: https://i.imgur.com/MnZ11HH.png https://i.imgur.com/ce0CWv1.png Services: -Solo Queue Boosting -Duo Queue Boosting (1.3x price) -Flex Queue Boosting -Twisted Treeline Boosting [lul] -Net Wins -Placement Games​ We’re doing a sort of “Start Up” sale for the next 2 weeks where we’ll have really low prices to get our name out there! In addition, we're offering $5 off on orders above $10 Prices: SoloQ: Iron 4 -> Iron 3: $1 Iron 3 -> Iron 2: $1 Iron 2 -> Iron 1: $1 Iron 1 -> Bronze 4: $2 Bronze 4 -> Bronze 3: $2 Bronze 3 -> Bronze 2: $2 Bronze 2 -> Bronze 1: $3 Bronze 1 -> Silver 4: $5 Silver 4 -> Silver 3: $5 Silver 3 -> Silver 2: $7 Silver 2 -> Silver 1: $8 Silver 1 -> Gold 4: $10 Gold 4 -> Gold 3: $14 Gold 3 -> Gold 2: $16 Gold 2 -> Gold 1: $18 Gold 1 -> Plat 4: $20 DUO QUEUE (If available): 30% increase in price NET WINS: Coming soon (ask if interested) PLACEMENTS: DM to negotiate price based off previous season ranks Past Orders: Order #1 = Iron 4 -> Gold 4 https://i.imgur.com/k1dixiW.png https://i.imgur.com/5YRfUFd.png https://i.imgur.com/kpGSN1I.png Order #2 = Placements (Silver 4) -> Plat 4 84lp https://i.imgur.com/mOxSvn5.png https://i.imgur.com/jmIXGpY.png https://i.imgur.com/KD8U5xG.png We guarantee high win rates and fast service. Upon request we can VPN or use Offline mode. One of us can also stream the game for you in private. Will not spend any of your blue essence unless permission is granted, will use your summoner spell keys and will never message any of your friends or type in game chat unless its to make a call. PM or message on our cord to discuss orders :D Sev#7622 .gg/qN6HT5U​ View the full article
  7. I don't have much time playing this game cause I'd be going to college I have spent hundreds of dollars investing on this account also time and effort for farming all those highend items I'm trying to sell it for atleast $130 (aswell this is a different account) It has as the item from the first one that I have sold. (https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1465545) <--- first account I have sold. screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/ZjmkXhs contact me on IM : Add me on IM email : panquakick@gmail.com View the full article
  8. join Py.League an Undetected and safe private scripting platform for league of legends updated for patch 9.16 features : -Smooth orbwalker -EzEvade -OKTW AIO ported -BrianSharp AIO -God Jungle Tracker ported champions support : -Bot : All adcs -Mid : All Mages - Yasuo - Zed - Support :Janna - Blitzcrank - Zyra (will add more) -top : Attrox - Talon - Darius - Riven - Irelia - Fiora -Jungle : Lee sin - Graves - Shaco (will add more ) - Ported from League sharp with new method and we made it fully undetected again - Tested for 7 patch with zero ban rate - Over 220 user in our community - Support All servers except Garena video from our community on dis cord : pm me on dis cord Video from in-Game : pm me on dis cord join : dis cord : FalleN#3592 Price :30 usd (0.0029 btc life time) payment method : bitcoin or bitcoin gift card with paypal (aks me for guide) View the full article
  9. *prices doesnt include -10% discount For further information about boosting prices, date and transaction email: Click to add me on IM Click to see how we do: These are some of our boosted accounts that customers allowed us to post just for record (We won't post yours): P4 0lp to D4 0lp - 68% wr D2 30 lp to D1 0lp - 90% wr (we don't boost in diamond currently) eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Omadeja - S4 0lp to P4 0lp - 70% wr eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Ilikemorrowind - 9 Silver placement games - 100% wr euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Ingramy - S4 promos to S1 0 lp - 90% wr For vouch copy add me on IM! (From Iron to Gold only) 2 left! View the full article
  10. I don't have much time playing this game cause I'd be going to college I have spent thousand of dollars investing on this account right now I'm trying to sell it for atleast $130 check the account carefully it has a lot of good items and classes Price : $130 screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/HkI2PEp contact me on my IM Add me on IM email : panquakick@gmail.com View the full article
  11. Because there are some trollers, I will give the d.- isco -rd invite link only on people, which sends me an private message. I'm sorry for this move. Ultimate League Bot - the fairest League of Legends Pixel Bot you ever seen! Hello guys. I'm investing now 1 month in this project, and I'm proud to tell you, that the bot is ready to be published. I don't care much about money, and want to give you a nice offer for this bot! Functions: - beginner friendly, easy setup - Trial-Version with all functions for one day, for free - skipping low priority queue (that means, if you need to wait 5 up to 10 minutes before queueing the bot is waiting and accepting then the game without any problems) - License system (got an rework after the beta phase, thanks to Interlogy) - save and load Accounts from a file (you need to enter first your account informations in the program, and can load it then easily again) - max level: tell the bot when he need to switch the account, after an specific level - max games to play: tell the bot after which amount of games, he should switch the account list (decrease the ban risk) - choose a gamemode between "beginner bots" and "intro bots" (recommend is intro bots, because the CPU of an VM isn't that strong, and that means that the bot needs longer time for checking pixels) - set up your server region, and switch between server regions and accounts - smart AI which isn't inting, farms good (if the other guys don't steal your farm), make kills, using skills - API based autoqueuer (create lobbies fast, accept games fast, picks champs fast) - set up for each account the champ which should be played (Random, ADC only, and each other champs are available) - set up for each champ your own custom itembuild, which the bot should buy ingame (you don't need to do this, because every champ has his own itembuild, but if you want, you can make changes) - skipping the rewards (means: if you got an level up, he is clicking that away, or select rewards for you) Price list: - 5€ per month (1 key included) - 2€ for each key If you want to run 5 PC's with this bot, you need 5 keys and pay for it 13€ per month! (5€ 1 key + 4 keys * 2€ = 5€ + 8€ = 13€) You aren't able to play, while the bot is botting! This is a pixel bot, so he is using your mouse etc. The only thing which you can do is, run League of Legends in a VM. If you are interested in testing- or buying the bot, just have a look in the d.- isco -rd channel. There is a "tickets" channel, just create a new ticket with the words "buy" or "test" or something else! Payment method: Paypal only! A video, which shows the bot in action: 1. The bot is only one month old. If bugs are happening, I try my best, to fix this bug as fast as possible. 2. You are not allowed to refund the money for the bot. If you want to buy this bot, and you are not happy with it, you need to deal with that one month long. 3. Price changes are possible, if the bot changes the prices (for e.g. if the price moves from 5€ to 7€, and you bought the bot for 5€) you just need to pay only the old price. 4. There is no warranty that the bot is for a long time alive. I try my best, to keep this bot up to date, but if someone is leaking anything, I need my time to recoding my code, and delete all keys. 5. I'm a working person, and I'm not 24/7h online. If you find bugs post it in the #bugs channel, if you want to buy the bot / test the bot, open a new ticket in the #tickets channel! 6. before you write down any bugs, just look at the #how-to-set-up-the-bot-faq channel and try it of your own! 7. the payment method is Paypal only! View the full article
  12. League of Legends accounts shop These accounts are UNVERIFIED, so you can change your password and email! All our products are sold only once! Non-refundable! We provide life time warranty! (Not including scripting/swearing bans) 0 bans for botting so far If there is any problem, contact me! ACCOUNT PARAMETERS: LVL 30 FRESH MMR (the account has never been ranked before). UNVERIFIED (you can change email and password). Accounts are no botted. 25+ Champion capsules or 36k+ BE (enough BE to buy 20+ champions, so you're able to play rankeds). SERVERS : EUNE, EUWEST, NA , TR PRICE IS 10 EURO PER ACCOUNT...(LIFETIME WARRANTY) WE HAVE ALSO: ⭐ Accounts Inactive LEVEL 30+ ⭐ 20 to 39 Champions ~~> 2.00 USD 40 to 59 Champions ~~> 3.00 USD 60 to 79 Champions ~~> 4.00 USD 80 to 99 Champions ~~> 5.00 USD 100 to 119 Champions ~~> 6.00 USD 120 to Max. Champions ~~> 8.50 USD PAYMENT OPTIONS: SKRILL, BTC CONTACT INFO: PM ME OR SEND ME IN IM ! <3 View the full article
  13. Basic Information of the Account - 55 Champs - 12 Skins - Original 2012 Champ Riven with icon Proof: https://imgur.com/a/qOveAMk For more information on the account, message me: Add me on IM Vouch thread: https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthrea...6#post14183036 View the full article
  14. Hey everyone! This is my other account that Im also selling :) - Im the original owner of the account, meaning that I have the original email which was used to create the account, and will obviously change everything to yours. - The account has never been sold. - 26 Champs - 3 Skins (Including UFO Corki) - Riot Graves Permanent Skin Shard - 60% WR, Very High MMR - 2 Gemstones Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ZoDyNNC Add me on Disc for any offers or any extra information or screenshots that you need (you can also add me on IM). Leyenda#6573 Ive plenty of positive feedback in other forums, can send you proof of that too ^^ Thanks! View the full article