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  1. Hey y'all, Haven't been playing nearly as much, and I'm looking to trade my account with some rare heromart items and endgame items as well. Looking for a founder/beta account, if you got one hmu! Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/2o5GQJv Notable Items: Level 100, almost 6 years played. VHL (Rank 10) (Endgame) LightCaster (Rank 10) (Endgame) Legion Revenant (Rank 10) (Endgame) Chrono Dragonknight (Rank 7) (2015 Calendar, massive amounts of damage can hit up to 1.3mil by itself) Infinity Knight (Rank 6) (2016 Calendar, lots of DoT. In glitched rooms can function pretty much like SSoT) Legion Blademaster Assassin (Rank 10) (Rare, OP in PvP) Legion Paladin (Rank 8) ($80 T-shirt, can consistently hit up to 8k non crits with normal attacks) Archpaladin (Rank 10) (Very tanky, can solo pretty much any boss) CardClasher (Rank 10) (Rare heromart class) Paladin Highlord (Rank 7) (Rare heromart class, heals and damage exponentially increases with more party members) Doomknight Overlord (Rank 6) (Rare heromart class, damage exponentially increases with more party members) Evolved BloodLetters of Nulgath (Rare Weapon) Fiendish Caladbolg (Nulgath birthday gift drop) Shadowed Dark Caster (Rare) Legion Arcane Dark Caster (Rare) M4Trix Naval Commander (Rare) Bunch of Nulgath Reagents sitting in bank Nulgath Birthday Gift Pet (EZ nulgath reagents) Enchanted Nulgath Nation House (Quick way to tercessuinotlim, has armor and character customizer) Hollowborn Oblivion Blade of Nulgath (Long farm, 30% more damage against everything) Archfiend Spear (Long farm, 30% more damage against everything) and a lot more. Add me for more details. Add me on IM View the full article
  2. Hey all! I'm selling my main account as I don't find the game fun anymore. You can check some of the SS here: https://imgur.com/a/VobQ9ZA Asking price is $50 send me a message or contact email : arthur.martial@gmail.com (ps: i offer 2020 calendar code) Attached Images Sans titre.png [Download and Thanks] (326.7 KB) Sans titre2.png [Download and Thanks] (387.4 KB) Sans titre3.png [Download and Thanks] (306.8 KB) Sans titre4.png [Download and Thanks] (147.7 KB) VALyl2x.png [Download and Thanks] (266.3 KB) View the full article
  3. I have 2760 RP code but since I'm not playing LoL I'm selling it. I can't use PayPal in my country so I'm looking to trade steam gift code. Price is 15 euro or dollars. Message me on IM maybe we can agree on a better price for you. My IM: hereforhearthstone1 Proof: View the full article
  4. Unverified and Verified to my Email accs . All email can changes ! Payment method : BTC . ADD ME ON IM! View the full article
  5. Account has 406 skins. 25 mythic,5 ultimate,50 legendary,187 epic, 103 legacy skins,141 champions owned 115 emotes,231 icons,115 chromas Price : $400 USD (price isn't absolute) Noticeable skins: Prestige True Damage Senna Prestige Mecha Kingdoms Garen Prestige Star Guardian Neeko Prestige K/DA Kaisa Prestige K/DA Akali Prestige K/DA Ahri Prestige K/DA Evelynn Prestige Fur Fizz Prestige Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Bloodmoon Aatrox Prestige Nightbringer Lee sin Prestige Battle Academia Lux Prestige Arcade Caityln Prestige Valiant Sword Riven Prestige True Damage Qiyana Prestige Project: Irelia Prestige Firecracker Vayne Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune Hextech Swain Hextech Annie Hextech Darius Hextech Poppy Hextech Alistar Dawnbringer Karma Annie-Versary Annie Skin Borders Owned: Mecha Kingdoms Sett Mecha Kingdoms Jax Dawnbringer&Night Bringer Soraka Dawnbringer Karma True Damage Ekko True Damage Senna True Damage Yasuo Bewitching Miss Fortune Count Kassadin Count Kledula High Noon Darius High Noon Ashe Championship Ryze Star Guardian Xayah Star Guardian Rakan Star Guardian Neeko Star Guardian Zoe Project : Jinx Project : Warwick Project : Pyke Project : Akali Arcade : Qiyana Arcade : Kaisa Battle Boss : Yasuo Elderwood Nocturne Odyssey Ziggs Odyssey Yasuo Odyssey Kayn Demacia Vice Lucian Demacia Vice Garen Dark Cosmic Jhin Enduring Sword Talon Battle Principle Yuumi Battle Professor Graves Battle Academia Ezreal Battle Academia Lux Battle Academia Katarina Battle Academia Jayce Galaxy Slayer Zed Lunar Wraith Sylas Ice King Twitch Snowman Yi Frozen Prince Mundo Winter Wonder Neeko Winter Wonder Soraka I only accept BTC. Buyer pays middleman fee. contact me for more details and information concerning the account you'd like to know. interested in serious buyers only! View the full article
  6. Price: $130 (negotiable) screenshots of the account : https://imgur.com/a/LIgacm6 It has many bagpackspaces and many classes Add me on IM email : Ghostlychart@gmail.com View the full article
  7. Season 9 has ended and you have to deal with trolls,afks,inters,our boosters will help you get your desired division,Our service is available on all servers including EUW/NA/EUNE/TR/OCE/JP/RU/LAS/LAN/BR,we play with vpn protection so no chance of getting banned,we can also do duoq boosting message us on here to make an order,you can also contact us using the contact form or the live chat on the bottom of our page to ask any questions https://easylolboost.com/ coupon code 20|% off 20OFF(for boosting only,not accounts) View the full article
  8. Price : $250 (negotiable) screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/pPXbFNT with 3.2k ACs It has Dark Caster Legion Vampire Chrono Dragonknight Master of Moglin Dage Deathknight Bloodletter of nulgath Oblivion blade of nulgath(rare) Evilwarnul rares and much more! contact : Click here to add me on IM email : Ghostlychart@gmail.com View the full article
  9. Hello aqw community! Im looking to buy a good high end account with great thief class, old account with many rare nulgath items, many good classes and bag spaces etc etc.. you get the point lol. Lmk what you have. Email: andymoua_8@yahoo.com View the full article
  10. Hello, i'm an old diamond player, playing since S4. i need some money so i propose an elo boosting service. It's 10€ to get silver from bronze 4, 8€ from bronze 3, 6€ from bronze 2 and 1. 15€ to get gold 4 if you are silver 4/3, 10€ from silver 2/1. 30€ from gold 4 to platinum 4, 20€ from gold 2/3 to platinum, 8€ from gold 1. from bronze to platinum it shall be 30€ and might take 1 week or 2 but the result is guarranted. from silver to platinum 23€, and same for the delay and the result. It's hand-boosted so it can take 1 to 2 days if you are bronze/silver if you want 4 divisions, and 2/3 days if you are gold. requirement : own jax, no queue time restrictions. contact me on my pro email : cheapeloboosting@outlook.com View the full article
  11. Im selling my main account because Im quitting the game. :p Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/vV2OzuV Looking for honest traders only, contact me Contact me on IM View the full article
  12. Hello! I would like to sell these 3 decent accounts. Nothing rare or extra shiny really, just something to get you started. Payment: Paypal preferably Price: 20$ for each Contact information: MPGH IM All of them have the following(please refer to the images below for proof): - Lvl 71 - Around 4 Million Gold - 1200 ACs (perfect if you want to join the Legion) - 40 Bag Spaces - 10 Bank Spaces - Burning Blade (which grants 15% more damage against all monsters) - Chaorrupter Unlocked (which grants 50% more damage against all chaos monsters) - Chaos Slayer (Mystic, Berserker or Thief), Shaman, Lycan and StoneCrusher classes all rank 10 Images: First account: https://imgur.com/a/sgJUSna Second account: https://imgur.com/a/Vz6IK5b Third account: https://imgur.com/a/6K3UST3 View the full article
  13. Sup everyone, want to sell my $5,000 worth account for 200-300$! This account has a bunch of rares and hard to farm items, also has Membership till Nov 3rd 2022! Here a few items listed: -Proto-Paragon Armor -Dreadfiend of Nulgath -Deathfiend of Nulgath -TundraWyrm Hunter (Set) -Living BladeMaster -BladeMaster (Set) -Pinkitron (Set) -Knight of the Leviasea (Set) -Paragon Plate (Set) -Vindicator Of They (Rank 10) -ShadowStalker of Time (Rank 10) -Master of Moglins (Rank 10) -Love Caster (Rank 10) -LightCaster (Rank 10) -Infinity Titan (Rank 10) -Classic Legion DoomKnight (Rank 10) -Chaos Champion Prime (Rank 10) -Chunin (Rank 10) -Abyssal Angel (Rank 10) -ArchPaladin (Rank 10) -Artifact Hunter (Rank 10) -BladeMaster (Rank 10) -Arctic Dragonslayer Trophy -Death's Custom Apprentice Hood -Astral Orb Pet/Crimson Orb Pet -Caladbolg Bank Pet -Festive Paragon Pet +15 -Ultra Silver Sun Cutlass -Oblivion Blade of Nulgath -Infernal Caladbolg -Shadow Spear of Nulgath -Heavenly Spear of Nulgath This is just to name a few, have way more on account along with 27 pages of buy back items! I decide to sell because i'm almost 30 now with kids and asked myself why I still play? This account has a lot of un-played story lines/Quest trees so you can still have fun! Images: (Please Check them out) https://imgur.com/a/lJm2mGf Method of Pay either Paypal or Cash App. Contact: DM/Email: bfzo2018@gmail.com View the full article
  14. http://prntscr.com/qvzvvp http://prntscr.com/qvzw19 http://prntscr.com/qvzw6u http://prntscr.com/qw036h http://prntscr.com/qw03h3 http://prntscr.com/qw03rh AQW Account with huge items in bank have 2880 items in bank that's account have : -8 heromart items ( cal 2018,2014,not a mod,nulgath+dage print,nulgath navy,cardclasher+great thief ) Bonus Legion Soultaker weapon -Archfiend Doomlord Set -Obsidian Naval commander -Armor of Awe Set -Obsidian Legion Vampire set -Void Highlord -Paragon Naval set -Legion Revenant -Solar Naval -Cysero hammer+armor -Sharkcaster -Evolved Shadow,blood, hex set -maybe 62 Class ACs tag -Abyssal naval of nulgath set -Assasin of Shadow Set -cursed legion naval set -dark void of revontheus armor+horn -Original Drakath Armor -Kaiju naval set -Legion Arcane dark caster set -Legion Wolf set And other items Buyback : -cyber Monday&black Friday last year(cyber spear and other) -some naval from event Email and Artix Account Change Price $200 Add me on IM View the full article