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  1. Looking to buy LoL Private Server for $1k and 5% of ongoing profits View the full article
  2. maybe need that 200per day if u have since last year thread i will go first to pay it Need Unverified View the full article
  3. I'm selling a fully AUTOPILOT Skin and Token method for League of Legends Price: $10 This method will allow you to get the following while completely AFK: Pass Tokens Prestige Points Pass Exclusive Prestige Skins Exclusive Chromas Loot Orbs Keys FAQ Q: What do you get when purchasing this method? A: Purchasing comes with lifetime support and updates as well as an easy to understand guide for setup. Q: Does this involve any blackhat/greyhat/illegal activity? A: Method is fully legal and whitehat. You do not have to interact with anyone. Q: Does this work on every region? A: This method works on every region. Q: What payment methods do you accept? A: I'm acccepting Paypal, BTC, ETH, and LTC. If you want to use another payment method contact me. Q: Will this get my account banned? A: We have been using this method for 5 months now on our main accounts with no risk of ban. Method is fully undetectable Q: How much work is required to setup the method? A: Setup is very easy and takes around 5 minutes if there are no problems. After setup it becomes fully autopilot. Q: How many tokens can i get from this? A: As of 10/16/2019 you can receive up to 19,000 tokens or 90 worlds orbs until the end of the event ($200+ value) TOS No leaking No reselling No chargebacks Refunds are eligible under certain circumstances You are entitled to a refund within 10 days of purchase if method is patched If you want to purchase or have questions Add me on IM View the full article
  4. Hi everyone, i'm tryna' sell this account, created in 2013, i'm the original owner. Sooo, here are some information I can tell you ( you are always welcome to ask me anythink about this account ) Level 90 How to title says, I have legion revenant and void highlord Also I own lightcaster, infinite legion dark caster, archpaladin 40 inventory spaces 10 bank spaces 10 house spaces Own BLoD, BBoA, BoA, Arcane on Nulgath, Ascended champion of nulgath, ascended bloodletter of nulgath and much more rares. https://imgur.com/a/9dwQXxw - just an small amount of items Price : 100$ negociable via paysafe card or paypal. A bump will be much appreciate Contact me via mail address "daniel_vlasa@yahoo.com" Also, if it's possible I would like a middleman View the full article
  5. Details: *Mindbreaker Class/Badge (Can access the shop) *Champion of Light Badge (Can access the shop) ; full view of the shop, https://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/champion-of-light-shop *Tempus Mori Badge (Can access the shop, both 2k and 12k ACs Packages are unlocked) ; full view of the shop, https://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/tempus-mori-high *Female, level 65 *900 ACs / Items that are super good: *Cursed Naval Commander (Buyback, costs 1K ACs) Required to access : Dage's Cursed Legion Merge Shop *Rose of Ragnarok *Dual Electric Loveletters *Undead Edge of Z *Burning Light of Destruction *Sand Bandit / Screenshots: Contact: Primary = IM Secondary = dannnieljames@gmail.com Price: 30$ (Negotiable) Attached Images Yulgar's Inn.PNG [Download and Thanks] (338.3 KB) Yulgar's Inn 2.PNG [Download and Thanks] (320.5 KB) Classes.PNG [Download and Thanks] (69.4 KB) Other Badges.PNG [Download and Thanks] (191.8 KB) Champion of Light Shop (Accessible).PNG [Download and Thanks] (142.3 KB) View the full article
  6. Hi guys, Looking for a EbilCorp Executive Code from the EbilCorp Heromart T-shirt. Add me on IM to discuss terms. :) Add me on IM View the full article
  7. Hi Im looking for 2015 calendar code for a long time Please feel free to Add me on IM or my email Pewdiepie173@gmail.com for negotiate prices! /gewd View the full article
  8. League of Legends RP Accounts Service -Read First- -I sell League of Legends RP accounts that are safe and secure to use. They are inactive for 2+ months and I have a warranty on the account. -All RP is purchased through League of Legends official store with a legal payment method. -You can send everything to your account that can be sent through LoL gifting center. -I accept PayPal (Friends and Family), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar only. -I can ask for additional fees if you want to pay through PayPal, however I have a US and EU PP accounts so you shouldn't worry about F&F fee. RP Accounts Prices 1000-2000 RP - $4 2000-3000 RP - $7.5 3000-4000 RP - $13.5 4000-5000 RP - $16 5000+ RP - Contact me for prices. ADD ME ON IM RP amounts vary from 1000 to 2000 RP or from 2000 to 3000 RP, etc.. For example if you purchase 4000-5000 you can get 4500 or 4700 based on my current stock. I don't give any refunds under any circumstances because I my accounts are safe to use. View the full article
  9. I'm selling my LoL account (EUW). To contact me, just reply here or Add me on IM! I'm asking for 80. You can find all the info here. Preview of the above link: Chromas: Emotes: Hextech items and such: (5 Hextech shards + 7.2k Orange Essence + 30 rare skins) Icons: Level / BE: Rank / mmr: Rune pages: Skins: Wards: View the full article
  10. Hello, i want to sell my league of legends account that is active and i'm the first owner. This account is inactive for now. Has 100 Prestige Points to take any prestige skin LVL 164 123+ Skins More to come. ALMOST ALL CHAMPIONS SILVER 3 PROMOS TO SILVER 2 RARE SKINS LIST Arcade Caitlyn Prestige Edition K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition Project Irelia Prestige Edition(ADDED) DARK STAR CHOGATH Galaxy Slayer ZED(WITH BORDER AND ICON) ORIGINAL SKIN IG KAI'SA(WITH BORDER AND ICON) ORIGINAL SKIN SLAY BELEE KATARINA DRAVEN DRAVEN ALL-STAR AKALI PROJECT PYKE(WITH BORDER) STAR GUARDIAN ZOE(WITH BORDER) Championship Khazix(Has Gold Chroma) MAJESTIC EMPRESS MORGANA(With border) PRICE : Atleast i want to get 90 Euro From this.(But Offer's are open so put your price!) Addme if ur interested PICTURES View the full article
  11. wanna looking for a stable supplier Priority to deal with people with transaction records and feedback i am china reseller need that alot I may also need other game accounts in the future. like minecraft View the full article
  12. ​Hello! A perfect opportunity to make your own shop and make some money! I cracked too many accounts and I want to sell a lot of my stock. Add me on IM to Order $15 for 200 accounts all 30+ EUW $15 for 200 accounts all 30+ NA View the full article
  13. We are www.rankedboosters.com , a website created by challenger/master group of friend who want to provide Elo boosting service for all your needs! Why Choose Us? We aren't individuals boosting, we are an organization that needs to protect our reputation. Which means customer needs and satisfactions come first! We have never banned an account and all our boosters are vetted and experienced in boosting. Please visit our website to find out more. What we offer: Solo Division Boost Duo Division Boost Tft Division Boost Solo Net Wins Duo Net Wins Duo Games Solo Placements Duo Placements Contact Us: Message me on IM Website - https://www.rankedboosters.com Ask our live support any questions on our website! If you think you are suitable to boost for us, please contact us though our booster application on our website (only Diamond 1+) . View the full article
  14. Hi guys! If any of you guys are selling unused DF calendar codes for 2012, 2013, and 2016, please message me! I'm willing to pay a really good price for each of them! Please feel free to Add me on IM to negotiate prices! Thank you so much. View the full article