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  1. Hello, i havent sold an account for a long time and i am in need of cash. I decided to list one of my personal accounts for sale. Was member for 3 months. Has the 12k ACS(NOT MEM) bought shop unlocked in book of lore. the account currently has: https://imgur.com/a/KpnwswE The reason i blocked some of the dates in the Account management page is to make my account safe in case there are any snitches in here. I'm only asking for $30 Could go for $25(Including fees, that means you pay $26.06) I'm only gonna do this through paypal, to contact me please add me on my email at: iLoveTatsumaki@gmail.com View the full article
  2. IM BUYING NULGATH NAVY! PM ME ON IM! WE CAN NEGOTIATE Add me on IM View the full article
  3. Looking for an account with Void Naval Commander doesn't have to be high level. Preferably with other rares as well. Post here or hit me up on gigamex69@gmail.com View the full article
  4. Account is hand leveled, not botted. Once you buy just change email and it's all yours. Level 33. Honor level 3. https://prnt.sc/q88jue https://prnt.sc/q88jyn https://prnt.sc/q88k4l https://prnt.sc/q88k99 I accept Paypal,Add me on IM for deal. View the full article
  5. I am looking to buy this account w/ PayPal. Price is negotiable depending on skins and/or RP. I don't care what rank it is, I am not looking to pay extra for anything above diamond. I would prefer to include a trade with a hand-leveled (level 40) D4 NA account with 37 mid/jg champs and few skins, full access. Prices are negotiable. Add me on IM! to talk I will only go first if you have rep within MPGH. View the full article
  6. Account MUST be Iron. Preferably Iron 5. Lower rank the better. Account MUST be in NA. Account MUST be able to play Clash. Cheaper the better. I don't care for skins, champs, nothing. I just want to be able to play Clash. You can honestly play on the account still whenever it's not Clash time. I will literally never play on the account outside of Clash. My Paypal is limited, but if you have a Paypal payment page, I should be able to use that still. Bitcoin should also work (however I would like to negotiate a lower cost if it's in bitcoin due to the finality of bitcoin). If you have offers, post below or VM/PM me or whatever. I basically never check IM. Add me on IM by clicking here View the full article
  7. 1st acc has 3 rare items which is: Hero of Sponsors(Armor) Hero of Sponsors(Helm) Sword of Sponsors PRICE:7$ https://imgur.com/LDqYaCY https://imgur.com/P96IAub https://imgur.com/PFDQmhy https://imgur.com/1gtiukn https://imgur.com/8DJBtTx 2nd acc has 1 rare but it's an bank pet PRICE:10$ https://imgur.com/KTlw8XK https://imgur.com/vqjbmKb https://imgur.com/RvJKhx1 https://imgur.com/w2rnR2i https://imgur.com/nltlEOc https://imgur.com/S9xbxLj add me on IM if you want to buy the acc :D ADD ME ON IM View the full article
  8. Hi selling a plat 1 (diamond mmr) EUW personal account (everything changeable) 47 skins screenshots in gyazo below https://gyazo.com/9495b61df7cdf211b1bded2a415413dd https://gyazo.com/2d5ba43fe45f2f7fd52b5bdbe6e9fb95 https://gyazo.com/106f019dc584202fff21d730bbd046c6 https://gyazo.com/22eb0b013814865f90e106c246fb7f74 And 62 champs. EUW paypal only, i go first or you find a middleman and you pay it. 55 usd. Add me on IM View the full article
  9. I'm selling my own personal account in NA, here's the basic info: -22 Champions (51 Mastery Score) -10 Skins, 51 Icons, 6 Wards and 8 Emotes. Currency: 8406 Blue Essence and 1888 Orange Essence This account was Silver in S9. It is currently Gold I 5 LP, I will be online from 8:00 PM to 10:00PM (GMT-5) The amount that I ask for the account is 5$ USD via PayPal, including fee. Add me on IM or send me a Private Message View the full article
  10. Selling account made in 2010, most of reputations are rank 10 listing below, im selling because farming NsoD is taking too long, legit 3030 void aura in 27 days, ( I keep track by daily quests ) im getting tired of Getting up at 2am just to check if i get disconnected and have to reconnect to server, ( i dont kno why but auto login wont work ) Also a Headsup, I will not go first, please understand. Ill only accept Gift card $140 maybe we can negotiate with the price, but will not go below $20 like srsly. I May be asking much but i made efforts with this account and i spent money with it, Arcangrove Doomwood Thunderforge Yokai Good Etherstorm Fishing Brightoak Vampire Troll Horc Sandsea Eternal Ravenloss etc etc.. Proof : https://imgur.com/qOXUVX6 https://imgur.com/4KyiGpz https://imgur.com/gsg6DuJ https://imgur.com/48NJgIC https://imgur.com/8T6ZKdL https://imgur.com/4xyWuCF https://imgur.com/ebg6qge https://imgur.com/pttXUuW https://imgur.com/EasxbMM https://imgur.com/fX6Da6e https://imgur.com/5geTSnP Add me in IM View the full article
  11. Lvl 90 account, RANK 10:Eternal,Arcangrove, BoA, Evil, Brightoak, Mythsong,Good, Doomwood,Chaos, Embersea. Classes: Vhl, LoO, Vampire lord, the the concert classes. Hard Farming items: Arch DoomKnight set, BLoD, Armor of Awe and the Cape, Blade of Awe, Void Hoghlord, Drakath Armor. Gotta farm SDKA when i have enought money to buy membership, and then farm NSoD. Pm me for more information. Email: xviii.gabriel@gmail.com Add me on IM Attached Images Fără titlu.png [Download and Thanks] (263.6 KB) Fără titlur.png [Download and Thanks] (313.6 KB) View the full article
  12. I have seen a lot of threads for EUW, EUN for RP and gifting services. As the title describes, I am looking for RP and/or gifting services for NA servers. Anywhere from 5k+ RP on level 10+ accounts. Hopefully this lets other sellers and buyers join in too. Add me on IM :) View the full article
  13. Hi, acc is 100 Euro. Since I am new here, we can go trade over G2G which is super safe if anyone is concerned, also I can provide proofs from other site that I am reliable, I have vouches and succesful trades, just ask if need it to be sure. General info: 130 champs, Diamond 2 peak Season 9, 14650 BP, 6 victorious skins. I do not have these champions only (16): Skins (6 victorious skins): Honor level: Materials: Skins and champion shards: Wards: Just add me here on IM or sent DM. View the full article
  14. Hi there! Im selling EUW/NA/PBE botted accounts with 40k blue essence LEVEL 30 Prices: EUW: 4.5$ EUNE:4.5$ NA: 4.5$ PBE: 4.5$ Willing to discuss for bulk prices. Paypal only! 1 month warranty/ 3 month warranty if vouch Willing to give 2 vouches to trusted/moderators. Add me on IM View the full article