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  4. Hi can any one make a working private hack for apb reloaded ?
  5. Classic servers having more life instead of private servers with clients though... so yeah, i think that NCSoft would like to remind to all old and new players the old days of Lineage 2.... I like that move from them to be honest.....
  6. Hey! Let's start a small conversation about the Paladins game. What's your opinion about this game, what do you like from that game and what do you dislike from that game!!!!
  7. I don't like Destiny 2 at all and that's because their servers are mostly offline instead of online... I tried last week to join and it shows a pop up message that said "Destiny 2 servers are currently unavailable, Join again later"... I don't know why that happens...
  8. MMORPG AdventureQuest Age of Conan Age of Wushu Aion Albion Online Allods Online Anarchy Online ArcheAge Aura Kingdom Black Desert Online Blade & Soul Bless Online Cabal Online Dark Age of Camelot DC Universe Online Dragon Nest Elder Scrolls Online Elite Dangerous EVE Online Everquest Final Fantasy XIV Flyff Guildwars 2 Elsword Lineage 2 Lord of the Rings Online Maplestory 2 Metin 2 Neverwinter Ragnarok Online 2 Rift Runescape Secret World Legends Silkroad Online Star Wars: The Old Republic Tera Ultima Online Vindictus Warhammer Online World of Warcraft MMOFPS APB Reloaded Battlefield Call of Duty Combat Arms Counter Strike CrossFire DayZ Destiny 2 Grand Theft Auto Online H1Z1 Overwatch Paladins Planetside 2 PUBG S4 League Team Fortress 2 The Devision Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege Warface Warframe WarRock World of Tanks World of Warships MOG Bleach Online Dead Frontier 2 Diablo 3 DotA 2 Fortnite Gaia Online Hearthstone Heroes of Newerth Heroes of the Storm HEX Shards of Fate League of Legends Marvel Heroes Minecraft Path of Exile Smite Starcraft 2 Trove
  9. nice skin good luck 😄 have a good start
  10. start a fighter (no need too much mana potion) server no have mana pots 😄
  11. gl 😄 url not work http://prntscr.com/le9bs6
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  14. 99$ - 100kk website r33team.com
  15. Blizzard is giving away everyone a free copy of Destiny 2. You only have to follow their link and then login into your BattleNet account. https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/22649418/destiny-2-pc-free-on-battle-net-through-november-18
  16. Have a good start guys. A unified forum about mmorpgs and other games will be needed since this battleroyikes genre has become mainstream
  17. Hello there. I've been playing private servers for like 12 years. I've tried every rate possible and i played in c4, c6 and high5 chronicles. A month ago NCSOFT made a decision which most of lineage2 players asked for a decade. The opened some vanilla classic servers and it seems that many people have joined these servers. You think is it fun to start there with a Four-Man CP? We want to play without the rush private servers ask. Tell me your opinion guys about ncsoft's move and about restarting the game in 2018.
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