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  2. Message me on IM Will not send money first if not reputable Also, I have a 2018 calendar code for AQW for potential Add me on IM View the full article
  3. $30 for platnium account paypal DM me idc what you got on ti as long as plat i pay $30 Add me on IM View the full article
  4. selling beta acc email cant be changed https://m.imgur.com/a/xuA8XNw paypal or artix points email me your price jaydenpham2166@gmail.com View the full article
  5. https://m.imgur.com/a/7FZo0ze cash through paypal email me at jaydenpham2166@gmail.com some are changeable and some are not email me for more info View the full article
  6. selling these 2 accounts for cash through paypal email is not changeable https://m.imgur.com/a/VKpDK1i https://m.imgur.com/a/et0kRVZ email me at jaydenpham2166@gmail.com View the full article
  7. Badges - Axe Master - 6th Upholder - Shadowfire Emperor - Shadowfire Emissary - Shadow Commander - TimeDragon Warrior Best Items - Blood of Nulgath (Rare) - Undead Goat (Class) - Evolved Bloodletters of Nulgath - Eternity Blade - Brillitant Star Sword - Doomknight Star Sword https://m.imgur.com/a/dC79yuh Email can be changed Email me for more info jaydenpham2166@gmail.com through paypal or artix points msg me your price View the full article
  8. I only sell in bulk! 40k 50k 60k, EUW/EUNE/NA can do way more BE if requested. Prices start at 2.5 and go as low as 1.4 when buying high enough amounts. These are HQ accounts with an extremly low banrate, I provide warranty for my accounts. BTC & PP, for really large amounts ONLY BTC! If you have any questions, concerns or other inquiries ADD ME ON IM! View the full article
  9. Hello, Im selling cheap cracked accounts. Prices will be based on champions/rp From 15 Champions to 39 5$ From 40 Champions to 59 7$ From 60 Champions to 69 9$ From 70 Champions to 79 12$ From 80 Champions to 89 14$ From 90 Champions to 99 16$ From 100 Champions to 109 19$ From 110 Champions to 119 22$ From 120 Champions to 139 24$ RP accounts coming soon, can already order though PAYPAL ONLY Im also selling botted accounts for 4.50$ usd https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1366974 CONTACT: Add Me On IM! View the full article
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  11. Selling Rare and Non-Rare heromart codes for the game below; AQ CLASSIC DRAGONFABLE EPICDUEL OVERSOUL HEROSMASH MECHQUEST screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/V5Nu0iu contact me @ My IM email : ghostlychart@gmail.com View the full article
  12. Badges - Axe Master - Member - Void ChronoKnight - Infinity Titan Best Items - Onyx Naval Commander - Enchanted Pirate - Lightcaster Class - Chunin Class - Highseas Commander Class - Dual Unarmed - Dual Balor's Cruelty - Derpy Star Sword - Rare Nulgath Swords - Nulgath's Birthday Gift Pet - Bright Champion Quibble (5k AC Pet) Email can be changed Email me for more info jaydenpham2166@gmail.com Selling for 8k Artix Points Negotiable Or if you are in Australia you can transfer me $50 AUD Thanks https://m.imgur.com/a/qOxqZpV#EvxCl6n View the full article
  13. Got extra 500 acs from honorable hero 2019 so wont show on pic Badges - Chaos Shaper (15 Months Upgrades) - VIP - 2nd Upholder - Northlands Ranger - Blidlnding Light of Destiny Best Items - Enchanted Pirate - Northlands Ranger - Ultimate Lich King - Dual Blinding Light of Destiny - Dual Unarmed - Classic Onyx Star Sword - Blade of VorDRED - Doomblade of Destruction - Shogun Paragon Pet Email can be changed Email me for more info jaydenpham2166@gmail.com Selling for 8k Artix Points Negotiable Or if you are in Australia you can transfer me $50 AUD Thanks https://m.imgur.com/a/336KJjh#dJCpGO4 View the full article
  14. Hi there! I would like to offer EUNE smurf accounts! These are high quality botted smurfs that are perfect for your new years elo grind! I am offering 3 types of accounts: TYPE 1 Lvl 30+ / 40000 - 45000 BE / + Random Loot /// 5,5€ TYPE 2 Lvl 30+ / 50000 - 53000 BE / + Random Loot /// 6,5€ TYPE 3 Lvl 30+ / 60000 - 63000 BE / + Random Loot /// 7,5€ With the purchase you get: Account Level: 30+ Rank: Unranked (account has never played ranked games and MMR is as fresh as your new year's resolutions ) Server: EUNE Email: Unverified (you will change email to yours) Blue Essence: 40000 - 63000 BE (depends on the type you that u'll choose) Loot: Chance of a random loot Honor level: 2 With the purchase i provide 2 weeks of botting ban warranty. Examples of accounts. My reffs from other forums. I accept PAYPAL as payment method. Contact me on IM here. If you decide to get yourself smurf, or have any questions contact me in comment secion or on IM. Also don't hesitate to ask me for any possible EUW/NA smurf accounts ! View the full article
  15. I am selling almost any league account, from jax pax to 10k RP I do take any crypto or cashapp and paypal (these 2 for +15%) I do not have a fixed price, feel free to ask on IM Here I can let you see a screenshot of a few accounts I have, they are not the best ones View the full article
  16. If any of you guys are selling a unused DF calendar code for 2020, please message me! I'm willing to pay a really decent price for it! Please feel free to Add me on IM to negotiate prices! Thank you so much. Add me on IM View the full article
  17. AdletMayer LoL Store Servers : NA / EUW features of the account All Security info / the email can be changed to your own email [Changeable Email/PW] -HandLeveled -Original email / PW -Creation date : -Birthday date : -Location where the account was created: if you are interested to purchase any account or have any kind of questions. Add me on IM View the full article
  18. Hi, I'm looking to buy an NA account that has Presitge True Damage Qiyana. Must be a clean account with no bans, etc. Add me on IM View the full article
  19. Looking for codes that provide badges/classes. Not really looking for HM items that are still available unless you're looking for the same price. PayPal is preferred but will do my best to use your preferred payment method. IM me. Add me on IM View the full article
  20. Season 10 ended, the rewards have been announced, this is the time when new players and trolls decide to play, and you lose your valuable League Points . Why let others decide on your placement, when you can simply play with people of your level? Easy Elo Boost you will quickly reach the level that suits you. Placement matches : 25$ Iron/bronze V to I 5$ each division Silver V to I 7$ each division Gold V to I 9$ each division Platinum V to I 15$ each divison Diamond V to I 25$ each division We have a website but its the rules that we cant post it here,we are able to provide 1 game boost to trusted members as a vouch since we are new on the forum Accepted payment methods: paypal/btc View the full article
  21. ================================================== ==================================== -all pics: https://imgur.com/a/b8iuao5- -I quit league and no longer need the account, I've been letting a friend play on it for a bit.- -I'll send recovery info for the account just for added security- -44 Skins, 7 Halloween skins, 6 Legendary Skins, 51 Champs owned- -Kassadin border/chroma along with M7 on Kass- -OG name, I have other semi og names to use if you wanted ex: abcd, wn, walgreens, descend, 0009, roflmao- -never been punished before so you wont have to worry about bans- -send offers, considering anything.- -Add me on IM!- ================================================== ==================================== View the full article
  22. Hello everyone Today I'm selling my own personal League of Legends account with full credentials. League in S9: Platinum II. Level: 234. Server: LAS. It was never banned. It has 70 skins (pictured missing Aatrox Victorious). It has 29 wards. It has 204 icons (S6 Plat, S7 Diamond, S8 Plat & S9 Plat) and as an extra fact it has 1.5m of mastery with Master Yi. He is missing only 5 champs: Senna, Kalista, Jayce, Talon & Sett. Price: $75 https://ibb.co/rp9Mhmf https://ibb.co/6nfZ7QX Add me on IM View the full article
  23. Hello dear residents, members & cheaters of LoL section! I'm planning to do a 10$ contest in less than 48 hours, but I want to know what members are mostly interested about as a prize? Is it RP? Amazon gift cards? Steam cards? Anything you guys would like to win in particular? I can also give 10$ to the winner to do whatever he wants with the money as well! (Paypal). If most replies for this thread wants RP as a prize, please let me know what servers you play on! I want members to get the best value out of this giveaway, with prizes that they mostly like. The contest will be pretty simple and fun to participate in, even for new members! Please let me know what do you guys think, and add suggestions for other upcoming contests if you want to. As I will be making monthly League of Legends contests! Follow this thread to post your comments, ideas & thoughts about the giveaway: 🎁Upcoming: MPGH League of Legends Contest/ Giveaway🏆 Thank you for reading! -Janitor View the full article
  24. Hello everyone, Today I'm selling my own personal League of Legends account with full credentials. This account means a lot for me as I have been playing on it for almost 8 years by now. I'm quitting games in general as life asks you to do so, and putting my focus on other stuff, such as MPGH! Take a breathe and have a good read on this thread.Account rank over time: S4 Gold S5 Platinum S6 Diamond S7 Diamond S8 Diamond S9 Diamond2 Click here to see current rank!Account was never banned, only chat restricted.Contains 138 Skins, most for primary role champions Click here to see skins!.All champions are unlocked, Mastery points: 657, 22 Champions are Level 7 Click here to see mastery points!Other information: Wards: 16, Icons: 223, Chromas: 14Price: 350$ negotiable. By purchasing this account you are also funding many giveaways that will be posted on MPGH for different games/ items. As all money will be spent on these giveaways & contests. View the full article
  25. ============================== https://imgur.com/a/b8iuao5 ============================== title has most info, check pics for all info quit league and wanna sell my account i want $100 but ill consider any offer! ill take paypal/venmo/gift cards the account was previously gold during szn 9 it has a clean summoner name, ill tell in dms if i get a semi serious offer. i also have other summoner names i can put on the account if you dont like the one on it as of right now or i can take it off and drop the $$ value im not active on mpgh anymore so it might take a few minutes to a few hours to reply sorry in advanced. Add me on IM! View the full article
  26. Account has 398 skins. 23 mythic,5 ultimate,49 legendary,184 epic, 102 legacy skins,138 champions owned(including Aphelios) 110 emotes,221 icons,115 chromas ,multiple skin borders Price : $400 I only accept BTC. Buyer pays middleman fee. contact me for more details and information concerning the account you'd like to know. interested in serious buyers only! Add me on IM! View the full article
  27. The account must have an unconfirmed email. The account must have the following items: necrotic sword of doom The account must have one of the following classes: Void High lord (or) Legion Revenant (or) Stone crusher I only pay via PayPal. as long as those conditions are met then I'll be willing to buy. add me on IM View the full article
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